Even Fangzhou and his party stopped at several docks along the way, but at first glance, seeing this Tongzhou dock still couldn’t help but feel a shock.

But the water is full of boats, boats, boats, boats, boats, boats, people, shops, wine flags, and porters. The workers are busy …
Bitao blinked and couldn’t help but blurt out, "This dock in Beijing is so big and there are so many people!"
Behind him came a low sneer "topped!"
You can tell it’s lilac without looking.
Peach smiled back at her and said, "I wronged Sister Lilac and took a boat with me!" Fortunately, when I get to Beijing, my sister won’t have to see me again when she goes back to her sister’s house! Save your sister’s eyes! "
He smiled again and walked away with his luggage.
Clove first dazed, etc. I couldn’t help but be furious, blushing and stamping my feet. I hate to help Miss Qin.
What back to her house? Don’t her girls also live in Li’s house?
Although the general treats the girl well, from the identity, the girl is the general’s wet nurse’s daughter is actually a person, so herself is everyone.
And that has never seen the world topped is the general’s wife pretty maid taller than his boss!
Lilac is quite stuffy. I don’t know how many sentences I said in my heart, "We’ll see!" Take comfort
Even fangzhou’s luggage was streamlined and quickly reached the dock.
As elsewhere, a lot of tourists, hire cars, guys and drivers came immediately.
Lilac was full of momentum and sent those people away in a few words.
Those people listened to her words with a Beijing flavor and said that the government had a carriage to pick them up and dared not expect to be well-advised to back off.
Most of the wealthy families in Beijing are mixed up at the docks, and they dare not offend people easily. Otherwise, if you accidentally provoke something, you shouldn’t provoke it, and you are still in a fog!
After waiting for a long time, I didn’t see Li Fulian Fangzhou, so I guessed that he was probably delayed.
After all, he has been missing for so long, and I don’t know how many urgent things to be busy with this time back to Beijing! If you can get away? This can’t blame him.
Even Fang Zhou was thinking about Qin girl in her heart and explained to her with a smile, "Brother Fu has just returned to Beijing, and there must be a lot of important business to do. I’m afraid he didn’t come to meet us today. Don’t be angry with your sister. Don’t blame Brother Fu! After all, it’s important to delay. Chapter 637 Meet Mammy Zhou.
"…" Even Fang Zhou almost wanted to swear or mercilessly stab the piano girl.
She explained to her for Li Fu? What the hell is going on!
Is Li Fu justified as her husband even in Fangzhou? If you want to explain, it should be her to explain!
Spring apricot, Li Si and other facial expressions also changed slightly, and each person felt greatly aggrieved.
Even Fang Zhou smiled faintly. "It is said that we are strangers in Beijing and we don’t know what to do. What should we do?"
Miss Qin’s unprovoked heart gives birth to her first-class pride, whether she admits or not, she knows more than her in this capital!
Miss Qin thought for a moment and then smiled. "Brother Fu didn’t come, but I think someone will be sent to pick us up. Let’s wait!"
Even fangzhou laughed. "I don’t think it will wait!" Husband, if he sends someone, he must be a proper person. How can he not keep an eye on the docked ship? We’ve been waiting here for such a while, but no one has been seen. It must be nobody! My husband is too busy to remember this little thing. Let’s stop waiting and go home by ourselves! Otherwise, he will be sorry to know that we are waiting here later! "
Even Fang Zhou said, he ordered Li Si to call a car.
It’s not good for Miss Chin to say anything when she sees that even Fangzhou is so bad. She smiled and agreed.
There were many dock cars, and Li Si called two cars soon.
When the price was agreed, even Fangzhou smiled and asked someone to carry the luggage.
Who knows that luggage is being moved here? Suddenly a middle-aged woman’s voice sounded from behind and cried with a surprised smile, "Oh, Miss Chin! If it isn’t Miss Chin! You have arrived! "
When they looked back, they saw three or four old women and maids coming along.
In front of him was a middle-aged woman wearing a dark green embroidered lotus-bound, dark-striped, light purple pleated dress with long face and facial features, thick eyebrows and long eyes, and wearing a flat bun. silk flower spoke with eyebrows and eyes that looked very capable.
Miss Qin’s eyes lit up and she called "Mammy Zhou!" She introduced her to Lian Fangzhou. "This is Li Fuzhou’s housekeeper and daughter-in-law, Zhou Niang, who is in charge of the house. I didn’t expect Zhou Mammy to pick us up! Sister Zhou, this is Fu Brother’s wife and even his wife outside. "
That week, Mammy rushed to Lianfangzhou and bowed respectfully and laughed. "The old slave has seen Mrs. Sanshao! The second lady thought that Mrs. San Shao would arrive here in the next few days. These old slaves with destiny have been staying here with people! It’s a coincidence that I finally came to receive Mrs. San Shao for nothing today! "
Even Fang Zhou smiled. This remark sounds really interesting!
She is Li Fu’s wife, but Mammy didn’t say a word to Li Fu this week. Instead, she talked about what the second lady wanted. This second lady is Li Fu’s second aunt.
What a coincidence that you didn’t come for nothing today? Hehe, is this blaming her? Blame her for dragging her into trouble for several days!
Besides, a group of them have been waiting at this dock for so long, but they didn’t come. It happened that Li Si called a car and was about to get it when they came!
If this is a coincidence, even Fangzhou won’t believe it!
They just hide and watch the fun and want to see them make a fool of themselves!
Seeing that they have found a car, they are afraid that they will not be able to make a job at Li Fu’s place when they go back by themselves, so they have to come over!
Since she can’t wait to test her, shouldn’t she cooperate well? Otherwise, wouldn’t it be disappointing to be prepared?
Even Fang Zhou busy embarrassed smile way "week mammy is it? It’s really troublesome for you! We are new here, ha ha, and we don’t understand anything … "
Mammy Zhou secretly watched with cold eyes and saw that even Fangzhou looked good, but when she spoke, she was afraid to show her consciousness. With a cautious heart, she couldn’t help secretly sneering and disdaining that she was a native place. Even the third-class girl in our house is not as good as this! How could the general marry such a woman if he hadn’t lost his memory! She was lucky to get a great bargain for nothing! Otherwise, she won’t be blessed to see the world on this day!
Mother Zhou smiled and even said, "Don’t bother!" Don’t say it, instead, it will be fair to even look at Fangzhou from head to toe, then clap your hands and laugh. "Mrs. San Shao is really a sign!" Good figure! I can’t blame the third young master for marrying you! You and the third young master are really a natural couple! This is called a thousand miles to meet, but not to meet opposite! Hehehe! "
As she said this, she took the corner of her eye and flew away. At the sight of the girl’s face, she bit her lip, and Mammy Zhou smiled even more happily. The corner of her eye was full of fine crow’s feet.
"Mammy Zhou was joking." Even Fang Zhou bowed her head and squeezed her handkerchief and barely smiled, which made her feel very embarrassed.
The timid look made Mammy Zhou and the maids even more contemptuous.
"There are too many people here to talk. Let’s go back to the house first!" Jean girl smiled and said
"Yes, yes! Look at my wife’s memory! " Mammy Zhou suddenly realized a clap forehead and laughed. "When my wife saw Mrs. Sanshao’s outstanding talent, she couldn’t help but say a few more words about the fight!" Mrs. Sanshao, please get a car quickly! The second lady is still waiting in the house! Miss Qin, please also! "
Even Fang Zhou couldn’t help rolling his eyes in his heart. This old bastard is really ashamed and used to flattering his face!
What is she? What do you mean she likes it when she sees it? Bah! Can a person of her status say this!
And that piano girl even sighed in Fang Zhou’s heart. It seems that this piano girl has a hard time in Li Fu Day! Just look at mother Zhou’s attitude!
"Well, then go back!" Even Fangzhou nodded, and she promised whatever Mammy Zhou said.
As he spoke, he lifted his feet and went to call Li Si to the carriage.
"Three little lady! Mrs. San Shao! " Mammy Zhou’s heart is full of contempt and ridicule. When she sees that even Fangzhou’s power is not dignified at all, she calls the carriage and hurriedly calls out, "Mrs. Sanshao! Not there! Our carriage is over there! "
Even Fangzhou looked down her eyes, and there were two carriages parked about 100 meters away.
She couldn’t help sneering in her heart. She really didn’t take her seriously!
The young lady who came to meet her at the dock parked the carriage far away and had to walk there by herself, and she had to bring people to carry their luggage!
The people in this city are really different. Does this idea make everyone grow a pair of exquisite hearts?
That guy Li Fu!
Alas, it is no wonder that he has been around for many years before he was a big man. Where can he know the difference between master and servant?
This piano girl wants to be a humiliation advocate, so don’t let him worry about these things. I don’t think I have told him.