Liu Chongyun’s face was distorted at this sound.

Mr. Zheng!
Who else but Mr. Zheng?
Over the years, Mr. Zheng’s majestic position has been deeply branded in the new century. Lu Chongyun has a heartfelt fear of Mr. Zheng, and he will collapse when he hears the sound.
Seeing that Mr. Zheng is slowly going downstairs, maybe Lu Chongyun never dreamed that Mr. Zheng would enter The Ninth Mainland.
Mr. Zheng glanced at the crowd with a look on his face and said with some regret, "Let’s leave Xiaoxue, cucumber and Xiaoai and everyone else to go home!"
Although he is no longer the president of the new century, his words are still orders, and it is equally effective to say them.
The people sitting in the hall are Gu Xiaoyue, Fan Nerve, Liu Yun and Yun Yu, and they are Lu Chongyun, Mad Dog Dragon, Xiao Jia and Zheng Xiaoxue.
Mr. Zheng looked at Liu Chongyun with a complicated look, as if disappointed and sad.
Liu Chongyun gritted his teeth. "Sir, these are all tricks played by Xiao Gu. Don’t believe them."
Mr. Zheng didn’t speak, but looked at him coldly
Lu Chongyun said, "They have no evidence to prove that I am the third-hand boss."
Xiaojia took the initiative to move a cane chair to Mr. Zheng and then guarded him.
Lu Chongyun was still defending himself, but everyone didn’t speak and waited for him to finish.
It took a long time for Mr. Zheng to slowly express his feelings. "I always hoped that you would make a difference after taking up the post. Unfortunately, I was wrong, just like a cucumber saying that you have fallen too deep and turned back."
Lu Chongyun froze completely, and he felt cold. Mr. Zheng’s remarks have given him a final conclusion.
Before Mad Dog Dragon left, he said in a positive tone, "To maintain such an organization, it is necessary to have strong financial support, and it is not absolutely impossible for important people of the three countries to operate it."
Liu Chongyun doesn’t talk. He’s white now. It was just because there were so many mad dogs and dragons. I don’t know. Now people are going to settle accounts.
Mad Dog Long Dao: "Because people like Qian Lin Lan Lan will be bought by you, and there are also such good players as Tian Wang Dao Xiang Jian, but it is unrealistic for you to take such a force to deal with the new century. Your idea is to lose the level of core members through each action to reduce the threat of core strength and finally make Mr. Zheng’s judgment wrong."
Everyone was listening to Mad Dog Dragon and said quietly, "You planned to exhibit around Tianshan Mountain in three steps, but all three steps went wrong. The first step was to hang up Yang Hong, Hu Weiwei and I regret that we lost Yang Hong for the first time. The second step was to deliver the goods through Jinshi Company. You wanted to hang up xiao yue and Shui Tianji, but you didn’t count the turning point of the Great Tibet and the appearance of Xiao Ai. The third step was to organize the forces of the twelve constellations to attack the divine domain and protect the power of the Eastern Dynasty. In fact, that was a disguised form to weaken our core strength in the new century."
He paused and continued, "The ultimate goal of this plan is to push yourself back and pry the money out of the hands of boss Lu and boss Ye. I just said that maintaining the third hand requires a lot of wealth. You are not enough by yourself. You still have a partner."
He suddenly reached out and pointed, "This partner is him!"
The person he pointed at turned out to be Fan Nerve, but Fan Nerve was not surprised at all, or he was holding a cup of tea slowly with his plain expression.
Lu Chongyun’s right eyelid is beating badly. "Do you have proof?"
Mad dog dragon said coldly, "The man who cheated on Liu Yun is Mr. Fan. You coerced him to divide points, reform, construction and transportation in the guild because Mr. Fan is on your side, and you have kept Mr. Zheng from the past."
As he spoke, he played a tactical pulse. It was the first time that Mad Dog Dragon peeped into the hot and violent stimulation picture in the villa mezzanine.
Liuyun collapsed, and the teacup in Fan’s hand was smashed.
Mad dog dragon said, "With this reason, this can explain why the twelve constellations dare to get together in the evening because Liuyun is at your back door."
At this time, Gu Xiaoyue said coldly, "Don’t you know your ambition, Mr. Zheng? He has long known that announcing retirement and deliberately giving up your position is to let you take the initiative to show your true colors. Mr. Zheng even hopes that you can change. Unfortunately, instead of seeking greater benefits in the new century, you are not qualified to take on the presidency by calculating your own abnormal private life. "
While she was talking, Mad Dog Dragon was already switching pictures. There was a picture of Lu Chongyun and a cloud rumor having sex in bed.
Until now, Lu Chongyun was white and bloodless, because that was what he was most afraid of seeing.
In the distance, Zheng Xiaoxue seems to have become numb. Mr. Zheng looked at Zheng Xiaoxue with a look of indifference and said, "There is no need to pay the price to gain experience if you have taught your elders and friends."
Zheng Xiaoxue suddenly turned and ran out of the gate. No one knew where she was going.
Mr. Zheng turned his head and looked at Liuyungen, but he didn’t dare to look at him.
Mr. Zheng murmured, "I said I owe you too much over the years, but I’m sorry for you. Go, take the golden rose key and go wherever you want. I don’t want to see you again. I don’t want to see me again after I believe you."
Mr. Zheng looked at Fan Nerve again and did something that no one expected. He bounced up like an arrow and ran towards the gate at an extremely fast speed.
No one would have thought that the old man, who looks slow at ordinary times, could move so fast.
He is fast, but someone is faster. In the shaking of the figure, a golden light flashed across Xiaojia’s knife at the gate and a knock on Fan’s forehead.
Fan Neuralgia immediately cried and rolled several times at the same time.
Gu Xiaoyue looked at him coldly. "You still want to escape, not only without shame, but also without repentance."
Mr. Zheng sighed, "Laofan, you have been with me for so many years, alas …"
Fan nerve covering her forehead said, "I have nothing to say if I win or lose."
Xiaojia walked slowly and said calmly, "I knew my elder sister in the Eastern Dynasty. It was her own fault many years ago. That’s not why you broke up."
Fan nerve surprised and looked at her "you … you …"
Xiaojia proudly said, "Yes, I am as cold as ice. I have promised her that I will help you when I meet you in the future."
Fan nerve seems to be slightly relieved.
Xiao Jia added, "But I also promised her that if you are really that kind of abnormal condition, I will clean you up for her."
Mad dog dragon couldn’t help saying, "What kind of pervert?"
Xiaojia said coldly, "He fantasized about sleeping with the eldest woman because other women don’t like her. The former president of the Eastern Dynasty was not close to the Women’s Institute. That’s when he came to the Justice League. My elder sister worked hard to save up. After he became famous, he not only refused to take my elder sister to the new century, but also disliked her and secretly found someone to deal with her. Damn people like you!"
Mad dog dragon speaks as cold as ice, and you also dislike it Your hobby is really … Buddy can still talk.