Chaduc’s letter is not always simple: "Ludonglin Company is registered in our office, and it is a practical and benign company after investigation. The maritime entertainment empire will not allow such a company to be embezzled by cunning and boring laws and regulations. Your actions on the trademark case have constituted imperial punishment intervention, and the execution time is one week. First, the executing agency that destroyed the products of $2 billion will compensate Ludonglin Company 10 times, that is, $20 billion; Second, during this period of time, the’ Chen Fei Brand’ trademark products suffered a real economic loss of $3 billion due to the suspension of production in March, and the Bai family and the Detroit District Court were ordered to pay compensation of $30 billion; Third, pay one-tenth of the penalty intervention fee. "

The uproar in the media, the confusion of the Bailushi family, the confusion of the WTO and the confusion of the US Department of Commerce, and the fact that Chaduc’s name is on the letter are no joke.
Several important people, including the American Business Director and the barrister, flew to the Sea Entertainment Empire in the hope of mediation. Chaduc only made an answer once. "You missed the opportunity. First, you, Lao Bailu, have the idea of using trademarks for profit. If you stay in the thinking stage, there will be nothing; Second, Mr. barrister, if the Detroit court does not accept or reject it, it will be fine. This is an obvious so-called legal case of seeking money; Third, Mr. Director, it’s none of your business if the products are not destroyed; Fourth, before Lu Donglin entrusted the imperial arbitration department to punish the intervention, you could negotiate a settlement with him, but you didn’t. "
"Mr. President, you can’t violate the international business law. Old Bailu sued according to law, the court ruled according to law, and the executive department destroyed it according to law. They are all right." The barrister said urgently.
"You are a barrister, you don’t know the rules of the maritime entertainment empire. I won’t say more! You’d better spend some time counting the property of the Burroughs family and the Detroit court! " Chaduc cold tunnel.
"Are you trying to keep me from living?" A pair of red eyes shouted.
"You are such a pulp are necessary to exist? You have let go of so many opportunities to live. " Chaduc suppresses murder. "A thriving company almost broke down for you, and an industrious business person almost committed suicide for you. Fortunately, this is an economic dispute case, otherwise, you still have a chance to speak. "
"Mr. President, …" cried the barrister.
"I don’t want to talk. I advise you that the punishment intervention is already very lenient; More than a week, more powerful law enforcement intervention, hey hey, that only God can bear. Don’t say I didn’t remind you. "
"My God, Mr. President, what do you mean by more powerful law enforcement intervention?" The director of the business department exclaimed.
"destruction." Chaduc convex smile on his face, but this smile is through the heart cool.
Lu Donglin was happy, but Bai Lushi entered icehouse, and the anger of Lao Bailu greatly scolded him like a dog’s blood. "Didn’t you come to understand this place? Now, the family property is frozen by the government! Hundreds of years of’ struggle’ have turned to dust, son, how are you! "
Bai Lushi is so angry! The big company in the United States, which one has no similar experience, property rights, patents, trademarks, which one is not a means for big companies to seize money and profit! How could he be so unlucky! He is not at all wrong, wrong is the maritime entertainment empire, wrong is Lu Donglin. Angry in my heart, my muscles are showing up one by one, and my face is getting ugly. "Shit, let my family become poor, let me have a hard time, and I’ll let you die. I’m the second leader of the Blood Hand Party, who has provoked it?"

Chapter seventy-nine Sudden changes
Nanlong District, Zhenggong Xianger fell to the ground and reported the situation to the leader of the Chrysanthemum Party, Yamaguchi. As soon as the maritime entertainment empire opened, he followed the influx of millions of Japanese, specializing in intelligence gathering.
The Chrysanthemum Party, also known as the Cherry Blossom Organization, belongs to the secret spy of the Emperor, and it is not dispatched. Over the years, many Japanese-trained power fighters have been added. Prime Minister Xiao Ye Fufu didn’t know there was such an organization, only the elders vaguely knew it.
Historically, the Japanese invaded China, and there was a shadow of the cherry blossom organization. It can be said that the Japanese Emperor consented to the militaristic invasion of China because he had his own intelligence sources, which were detailed and rich enough for him to make a choice between war and non-war. After World War II, the absolute authority of the emperor was replaced by constitutional monarchy, and this team was transformed, so there was a big chrysanthemum party in the international underworld, and the leader was the emperor’s near minister Yamaguchi. The name of the Chrysanthemum Party is not well known, and only a few high-level international gangsters know it. What is really famous is its underworld organization Yamaguchi Group.
The Japanese underworld has been inextricably linked with the country since its birth and is in a strange balance. This is different from the underworld in western countries, which is absolutely incompatible with the government. Masamiya Shoji is the director of the intelligence department of the Chrysanthemum Party who sneaked into the maritime entertainment empire, and also the boss of the Yamaguchi group.
"Your Majesty, millions of people of our Yamato nationality have lived in Nanlong District for years, and the Yamaguchi group has brought tens of thousands of brothers here to maintain order. Therefore, apart from the brothers of the organization, the number of people who can be encouraged is about one million, and they are all the new forces for us to seize this area." Report to the second phase of the main palace.
"The emperor mouthpiece, no matter how to win the southern district, insert the sun flag in the southern district land. The Japanese empire is small in territory and increasingly unbearable in population burden. Yours, after a year, how much do you know about the sea entertainment empire? " Yamaguchi asked.
"Tell your majesty that there is a strange system here. There are countless outstanding talents in the Japanese Empire, but they can’t enter the management of the entertainment empire."
"Eight, how is it possible? Didn’t you say that they don’t avoid race when selecting talents? Yours, dereliction of duty. " Yamaguchi was furious.
"Sir, calm down, my subjects are not lack of wisdom, but lack of strength. Here in the entertainment empire, all managers must go to the top, but they can’t go to the top, even if their wisdom reaches the sky, they are all waste. According to intelligence, its top leaders once said that wisdom is not in line with strength, and it must be a conspiracy, a little knowledge, a conspiracy, and a waste of management; Knowing less, the layman is in charge of the insider, the talents are depressed, and the people are not self-reliant. "
"Oh, yours, make it clear."
"Your Majesty, my subjects have practiced, but the progress is slow. In time, they will be able to enter the top of the entertainment empire." Zhenggong Xianger Road.
"Bagyaru, no, who will pay for the annual rent and land fees for millions of people?" Yamaguchi is a road tunnel.
Masamiya Hiroyuki knows that migrants who have jobs can be self-sufficient, but those who don’t have jobs are consuming, especially the 10,000 Yamaguchi brothers, who rely on the financial support of the gang, and Ren Yamaguchi’s financial strength can’t stand it. Therefore, we need free land and external financial resources to supplement it. But in the sea entertainment empire, can this work? If yes, tens of thousands of Yamaguchi brothers would have rushed away.
"Sir, what do you want to do? Trouble, temptation, or occupation? "
"The power of the people, unite and ask them to sell the land?" Yamaguchi smiled Yinyin. "Demonstrations are a matter of course. It doesn’t hurt to do a little damage?"
"Is that all right? If they are angered, we will be expelled! " Zhenggong Xianger hesitated to tunnel, and came to the sea entertainment empire for a year, and he felt the power contained here.
"Expulsion, that’s not right, we need an excuse to mess up!"
"Yes, my Lord." The long-term obedience habit made Zhenggong Xianger choose to keep his mouth shut. Maybe this is good, only those who don’t know the real situation have the courage to shoot. Mr. Yamaguchi is a brilliant man, and he is invincible at home and abroad. He doesn’t think that Mr. Yamaguchi doesn’t understand the situation. Such people have always been brave enough to overcome difficulties. However, he is always in a heavy mood. "This time, alas, good luck!"
Later generations unofficial history lamented that Masamiya Phase II and Yamaguchi are definitely not people without IQ, and the propaganda and advertisements of the maritime empire are not in place, but they still misinterpret the management rules of the maritime entertainment empire, which has to be said to be harmful by traditional thinking. It is the traditional thinking that makes them feel that this is a completely different "country", her determination, the completely different consequences of "thinking" and "doing", and her means are not ordinary iron at all. Destruction is doomed, but the price is too high.