Pingyue felt that she was being cheated.

But the more he does this, the more willing he is to participate in it. What makes him feel reliable and want to do it? What if it comes true?
Whether it works or not, it is said that the two met today and were shocked to confuse the southeast and northwest.
It is said that amateurs watch the lively activities and watch the doorways. He just looks at those fashion magazines with pictures and colorful words, but after this trip, they are reduced by three inches. He just thinks that culture and personnel are so energetic.
If he didn’t jump around, maybe he shrank his neck and thought he had a dream, but now hehe
The cow will blow it out on its knees.
"With the serial number, you can sell the magazine and let the country issue it. Otherwise, it is not a regular publication that can be printed and played by yourself. If you want it to make a profit, you must have a unit first and then …"
That is located in the brother talked about Song Shifeng and honestly took notes on what others said, and wrote two pieces of paper one by one.
"Ping, you have to help me." Song Shifeng clung to the person next to him. "You have to help me when we dream."
Help? How? Pingyue, a craftsman, is still turning his eyes straight to the mosquito coil. "Let me go if I make you a suit."
"no! Still not a brother! "
"It’s not broken off."
"Can’t be broken and welded to death"
"Saw it!"
"I’ll weld it again."
When they came back from poverty, they kidnapped Yang Jiabao together. It’s better to cry alone than to cry as friends.
Yang Jiabao is really reluctant, but he is always kind-hearted and soft-hearted except for making clothes. Song Shifeng boasted a dream, two ideals, three wishes and four friendships. The most hateful thing is that he finally offered his nephew this banner.
This teenage boy seems to be quite talented if he wants to learn to paint, but his mother Yang Jiabao does everything without enrolling him in a class. However, the tailor shop can’t make money, and he can’t even take care of himself.
Song Shifeng said that giving him a salary would not only train his nephew, but also let him keep the shop without delay.
Any ideal dream must be subordinated to reality, eldest brother. Just this one, I still have to cultivate Yang Jiabao and agreed with a sigh.
Solve the problem that Yang Jiabao Song Shifeng turned his head and began to put his arms around his shoulder with a smile. "Don’t be jealous and give you a salary."
Pingyue fried "vinegar you head! Why don’t you let me be your sidekick? "
Song Shifeng took him as a piece of cake and didn’t look at him at all. "I don’t have to pay for it. I am more happy and save money."
"get out! I think you are really going to heaven! " Ping Yue gnashed her teeth and said, "I can’t pay as little as him!"
"Of course," Song Shifeng went on to say, "Not only do you pay wages, but how about you share ten percent of your shares in labor?"
"Also shares value a few big son? Is to coax us to work with you, "Pingyue took Yang Jiabao’s shoulder and" ignored the profiteer "
Song Shifeng ignored him and teased him seriously. He took out someone to draw up a contract and "signed it".
"What?" Two people, look at me. I see you finally say to him, "You are serious!"
"Nonsense sign quickly!"
Yang Jiabao refused such a good thing. "This is not taking advantage of you."
"It’s so cheap that it’s worth it when we take it once?" Ping Yue, on the other hand, actually just said that it was all a joke, a friend’s business and a favor. Besides, it’s interesting to make his own magazine. This kind of excitement is his favorite. It’s another matter that he can get shares for fun. This enthusiastic child doesn’t know that he has been sold by his friends.
"What is cheap, not cheap, old and cheap?" Song Shifeng show calculation "sign it from now on you will be born is my death is my ghost to work for me during the day and warm my bed at night! Do not fight! Warm or not! Hum. "
"Fuck you-"Three older boys made a mess.
Finally, I signed it, but I agreed not to pay dividends for three years, which was regarded as dividends and investment, so that Song Shifeng would not lose too much.
Can do it before.
Anyway, the Caotai class was set up and the flat jump was successfully tied. Song Shifeng was very satisfied.
"Now let’s have a shareholders’ meeting."
"Snow" Pingyue laughed at Song Shifeng’s stare and quickly said "open"
Three people sat in the tailor’s shop and started the first shareholders’ meeting.
"Hello, gentlemen, shareholders. Today is our first shareholders’ meeting. I believe there will be several times after that, hoping to open him for ten thousand years!"
Several people laughed at "cut the crap"
Song Shifeng coughed, "OK, I’ll give you a bottom first. In fact, what I originally said was that rushing out of the world was all a boast. Isn’t this afraid that you won’t come?" He smiled and blew himself up, but both of them gave a dirty look but smiled. "Look at the magazines we are reading now. There are no foreign Hong Kong and Taiwan here, but is this our worship of foreign things? I won’t talk about the quality of the magazines here. Anyway, we are all the same. We can’t read them at a glance. Now I just want to make a magazine that people can read, and people can give a thumbs up and praise something. Another advantage of making a magazine by ourselves is that we have a place where big guys can see our own things. For example, if you design clothes, I look no worse than those foreign magazines. Let everyone know that we have such a good magazine and such a good design! This time, we should make things look good, and we should be able to read them on a par with foreign magazines. I don’t believe it. We are such a big country that we can’t produce a decent fashion magazine! I know it’s hard. We’re amateurs, we don’t have experience and we don’t have that much money, but we’re young, we’re wrong, and we can grind it. I don’t believe it’s all one head and two hands. Why can’t we? "
"Fuck him!"
What he said was really inspiring, and the two people were so excited that they couldn’t wait to design his ten sets of new clothes at once to let people see their own affairs. At this moment, Song Shifeng turned the tables and announced that "I will be the editor-in-chief later, and everyone will call me Song Editor-in-chief"
"Woo-"Pingyue is very uncomfortable to shush people.
"There are a few things we need to do now. One is to get the serial number, rent an office and run a company business license to recruit workers. That’s probably all." Song Shifeng looked at everyone and "divide it up."
"I’ll do something about the serial number." Ping Yue got the most difficult one. "I have an uncle at home in the Cultural Bureau and I’m going to grind it."
"That’s a good feeling." Song Shifeng was overjoyed. It’s not so easy to get him. He’s going to go for a walk on Lu Ting Road. Although he really doesn’t want to take advantage of this person with him again, it’s not good to take advantage of him. He forgot that this guy also has energy.
Good very good
"Then I’ll rent an office. Tell me if you have any specific requirements." Yang Jiabao also found a job that he could do.
"It’s really comforting for me to be so positive." Song Shifeng was once again attacked by a hammer, and then he told me, "Ping, what do you need money for? Come and get it from me. This is business. Let’s do business. I know you have money, but you are not interested in subsidizing yourself. What about you? Find an office that is not very prosperous, and the house is not too big. You have enough shops. If you need me to change them inside and outside," Song Shifeng said, "I will do the leftover goods to ensure the early opening of our threesome cultural company."
"What company? A threesome? "
"Well" Song Shifeng naturally nodded "You, me and him"
"You are really uneducated!"
"You have culture, you get up!"
I thought for a long time that I have a culture. "Let’s have a threesome. Without culture, there is no culture. It’s your company anyway."
"There’s another thing."