Ye Qing let go of the mouse a little depressed, and then he was very angry with his head in his hands. From the moment he was shot in the head by Feng Xiao, he knew that the game was over, and they lost after all. It may not be difficult to create a miracle, but it is very difficult to create a miracle continuously.

After retreating into the A hole, he didn’t continue to retreat to the The Infiltrator base. He knew that it was not the way to retreat all the time, and he wouldn’t deal with this kind of mess. Even if he could handle it, there was no way to turn over the other side. There were only two people left, but the gun god!
The two gun gods are also worthy of the name of the gun god, who can still turn the situation around when the number is at a disadvantage. It is impossible for a person to deal with these two experienced gun gods. He can rush in and fight with them after changing the magazine.
Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng also chased each other directly, but they didn’t expect the other party to come back to fight with them desperately. After all, in this situation, where did most people go in tourist trap and dare to turn back and kill a comeback? Unexpectedly, Feng Xiao was somewhat unprepared, and Ji Xiaofeng was also stunned. However, after all, they were gun gods, and they quickly reacted. Because of the close distance, both of them took a strafe to deal with the situation.
Affection took the lead in shooting at close range, and he was more sure that the other side’s body was rushing forward without showing off his posture. This shooting actually blew his head off with two shots and Feng Xiao was dumb. When Jiangnan Kun saw this scene, he frowned and his right hand picked up his fist. He was really worried that he would be turned over by the other side, and the score would be seven to six. It would be very dangerous and it would be difficult to deal with it if he let the other side get up.
Ji Xiaofeng is still very calm at the key moment. His m4 marksmanship has been very sharp after hard training. Close-range shooting is also his strength, and when he is sweeping Feng Xiao, he directly squats to shoot. It is well known that m4 squats to shoot will make people feel that the recoil is smaller. Actually, the recoil has not changed, but because the squat center of gravity is low, even if it is jumping due to recoil, most of it is shot at the enemy.
Ji Xiaofeng’s shooting was very effective. Although he didn’t blow his head off, he still consumed his feelings. Both Jiangnan Kun and Feng Xiao couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when they saw the victory on the brain screen. Ji Xiaofeng took off his headphones and smiled faintly at Feng. "Laofeng, I didn’t drop the chain, did I?"
"Check didn’t drop the chain is awesome! I can’t see that you practiced secretly when you were young, and you made rapid progress! How do you want to come back to the club and fight against the gun? " Feng laughed
"Well, am I afraid of you!" Ji Xiaofeng is very confident tunnel and then he turned to look at Jiangnan Kun said with a smile, "Kun less like this key moment to kill a person have a bonus? You see how cool those football players are. If they score a goal, they will get millions of bonuses. I don’t want that much. Just give them a thousand dollars! "
Although Jiangnan Kun is not a very good person, he is still generous to the team members. He has never been stingy with money and gave each of them a high salary. It is a little difficult to win this game, but it is really something to celebrate after all. Ji Xiaofeng did make great contributions at the last minute, so he smiled and responded, "Money is a trivial matter. I will naturally give you a bonus when I go back. I will also set a reward system. I will give you a bonus of 5,000 yuan for every game I win in the future!"
"Everyone?" Ji Xiaofeng asked.
"Of course, but don’t I give myself a bonus besides me?" Jiangnan Kun seems a little pleasant at this time, which is much more comfortable than his lines in the game.
"Thank you, Kun Shao!" They were all very happy to Qi Daoji Xiaofeng immediately. "Should you thank me?" I helped you get the benefits. How about giving me a thousand dollars each as a thank you if you don’t get a bonus? "
"Get rough!" Feng Xiao directly showed him a tall and straight middle finger, which is said to be the third of the five girls, regardless of whether it is counted from left to right or from right to left. In fact, we have every reason to suspect that the third sex is male because it often stands up!
The atmosphere here in the Royal Forbidden City is very relaxed because of winning the score, while the club there is slightly deserted. Everyone is quietly packing up their equipment, and Ye Qing is a little terrible in silence. Everyone else knows that he feels bad.
It stands to reason that they can play this game to such an extent, but Ye Qing doesn’t think so, because he almost dragged the game to the present by himself, and if he has several awesome teammates, the game can be won after all.
After this game, Ye Qing felt that the so-called five gun gods did not seem so terrible. He was not very embarrassed when facing the two gun gods. Moreover, as he continued to grow up, he imitated his opponent’s posture and studied his marksmanship, such as coordination, and he was able to stay in the wind among the two gun gods.
In fact, despite losing the game, Ye Qing’s harvest is still great. He has grown a lot and his growth speed makes Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng feel terrible. His recent growth speed is almost * * * * When Ye Qing and them come, Da Mi immediately greeted him, grabbed Ye Qing’s arm and was very excited. "Ye Qing, you are great! I almost thought you were going to win, but it’s very good to be able to reach this level. It’s overfulfilled. What do you want to eat at night is on me! "
Ye Qing shook his head. "Let’s talk about it later. Let’s go home first. I have something to say to you!" Big honey looked at Ye Qing unexpectedly, and at ordinary times, Ye Qing’s theory of winning or losing would be very optimistic. Today, something seems to be wrong, so she nodded and said, "Well, let’s go back first!"
Chapter 379 State rises bare
It’s very pleasant for the breeze to warm the face and the sun to shine on the body. Ye Qing is pulling big honey and soft hands to walk in the street. The pace is neither slow nor slow. Both of them are cold-blooded and affectionate. Dong Laoer and Meteor are all behind them. Although they lost the game, they actually don’t feel sad. It’s already very good to be able to play like this. Those netizens who watched the game have left messages saying that they are still proud of their defeat.
In fact, this game has made the unknown team of Club I accumulate a lot of fans, which is of course due to Ye Qing, and those fer who like Club I also like this team because they like Ye Qing, and these people are all loli fans, which means that Ye Qing is as important as loli in their hearts.
Cold-blooded, they all saw Ye Qing’s mood was not very beautiful after the game. Several people were Ye Qing’s too competitive and too obsessed with victory. Dong Laoer also wanted to comfort Ye Qing, but he was pushed back by Ye Qing’s words so that he could continue to remain silent. Others were afraid to ask again.
Loli rushed out of the studio after the game of the Royal Forbidden City I Club, but she still didn’t see where Ye Qing had gone. She chased out of the competition venue and still didn’t see Ye Qing. She turned around and walked back with some disappointment.
She wanted to have a good talk with Ye Qing. She sincerely hoped that she could help Ye Qing to develop a better team. The S team may not be able to get in, but many first-class teams still have a way to put Ye Qing in. In fact, it is not a matter of stuffing. It is estimated that the other party also wants him to be a powerful machine gunner.
Fortunately, loli knows that Club I is from Chengdu Team and Ye Qing will go to her. Anyway, they may go to many places as commentators, and she has been to Chengdu several times. Anyway, Club I will sign up for various competitions and there will be many opportunities to meet. She is not in a hurry.
The Royal Forbidden City team defeated the I club and has successfully advanced to the strong match. Jiangnan Kun watched an S team match, and the other side has also defeated the opponent and entered the strong match, and defeated a well-known team by a big score. This made Feng Xiao and Ji Xiaofeng both feel pressure. Although they are strong, they are faced with the national team players who have five guns and gods, K and m4 guns, Lan Bao, and Yan Yue, and the S team who is above the myth of the five guns and gods, Jiang Yuhan, they have no bottom in their hearts.
Jiangnan Kun caught a glimpse of Jiang Yuhan in the middle of the corridor where his head was shaking. He couldn’t help but show a glimmer of evil in his eyes. He was really penetrating the man who attracted much attention in the crowd. In fact, Jiang Yuhan had nothing to offend him, but he was unbalanced in his own heart. Why did a concubine get along better than him?
His team entered the strong competition, which means that he has a great chance to meet the S team, which has two gun gods, and his own strength is better than before. He thinks he can beat the S team this time and then ridicule Jiang Yuhan well.
Jiang Yuhan actually knew that Jiangnan Kun had led a team to participate in the competition. He had suffered from Jiangnan Kun’s loss. He was always betting on this scumbag’s situation and capsized in the gutter. To his surprise, Jiangnan Kun’s team actually entered the strong match and lost to the Royal Forbidden City team. There was a player in that team. He still had some memories. He seemed to have met the player at Chu Yunmeng’s birthday party. He also taught him a few questions. He was a very enterprising person.
Jiang Yuhan and Jiangnan Kun actually have no hatred. Even if Jiangnan Kun used to make bad feelings for a long time, he almost forgot that he seldom bears grudges. When he came back, he was fully focused on the game surface. After the game, his mind was on his wife and children. He gave birth to a fat boy in vain. He liked it very much. Every night, he had to tell Chu Yunmeng to hold the child in front of his brain and let him have a look.
Ye Xuehua’s body is still recovering, and the foundation is not close to the brain. Chu Yunmeng is holding the child all day and can’t give it up. Just like her own, Jiang Yuhan talked to Ye Xuehua after watching the child. But most of the time, Jiang Yuhan was talking about Ye Xuehua and listened to her quietly. Jiang Yuhan gave birth to a child, and at the same time she felt very satisfied and happy. She had nothing to ask for.
Jiang Yuhan, the team of Tiger Brothers League, is always paying attention to their training, and he will occasionally show up to give advice. He has made very rapid progress. This time he participated in the competition, which is different from the last time. His gun speed has been unprecedented, and his hit rate has also increased significantly. He has now entered the realm of Jiang Yuhan. In this competition, he led the team to beat the strong teams in a row and successfully entered the strong competition.
Xiao Ran’s personal performance is amazing. Every game, the number of people killed ranks first in the team. In the game, there are often magical performances. His performance of sniper killing is shocking and dazzling. The mirror is as fast as flashing, and he can jump freely. Among them, the sniper style is vividly interpreted by him. His style of play is almost the same as that of Jiang Yu and Han in the heyday of that year. Everyone can see the cold shadow of Jiang Yu in him.
Yi Qiuling’s team didn’t sign up for this competition, but she still followed Bare to the sea. Since Fang Xiao and Zhou Wei accepted her, she felt that she couldn’t leave Bare for a moment. Fang Xiao and Zhou Wei could always be with Bare before, but she couldn’t. Now she will go wherever she wants to get it back.
Zhou Wei is a member of the Tiger Brotherhood team. Naturally, she is always with bare. This is her natural advantage. Even Fang Xiao is jealous, but Fang Xiao will not be so cheap. She also followed them. At this time, she and Yi Qiuling were both in the audience. They watched the Tiger Brotherhood game without falling.
Yi Qiuling was so absorbed in watching every game that Fang Xiao dozed off. She slept until the end of the first game and was pushed to wake up the second game by Yi Qiuling. She stopped herself from dozing off and talked less, so she brought an ipod to listen to music directly with headphones.
Yi Qiuling also robbed her of an earphone and wanted to listen to it together. As a result, she found that it was not those pop songs but light music playing the piano. Although it was pleasant to hear, it was boring to listen to it for a while. She didn’t study art, so she returned the earphone to Fang Xiao to concentrate on watching the game.
Fang Xiao deserves to be the school dance queen. Listening to the music, her hands are still gesticulating with some beautiful dances. Her tender hands are like crisp white lotus roots, attracting many male animals to come.
Bare, after the game, she hurried to the audience to find two of them, Zhou Wei, and then Yingying Yanyan was surrounded by beautiful women, which made people envious. The onlookers knew that these three beautiful women were bare girlfriends. If they knew, they would be scared silly!
How can this guy not be puzzled when he owns three? Bare is very low-key, but he never shows off his girlfriend’s abundance and beauty. These three girls like to follow him all the time. He can’t keep a low profile if he wants to.
Xiao Ran always remembers what Sniper God said to him at that time. Don’t disappoint a girl who likes him. Now he must work hard to get married abroad in the future and let all three girls live a happy life.
Among his three girlfriends, the best family background should be Fang Xiao. Her father has established a modest company with an annual income of one million. Although he is not a rich family, he is most worried about how to live with Fang Xiao’s parents, Zhou Wei and Yi Qiuling. They are all ordinary families, and their parents are not too demanding of their son-in-law. They should be able to live with a little better performance.
This competition is bare and full of confidence, and Zhou Wei’s growth speed is also amazing. She can give him strong support, and both Fat and Monkey have worked hard during this period. It is often pointed out that their masters are all arrogant and powerful people, and their strength is also improving rapidly. Their strength should not be much worse than that of the five gun gods except K and Lan Bao, and Mu Lei is often pointed out by the sniper. After being pointed out, the talented person naturally rose rapidly and greatly. His rate of head shots has been quite shocking and he is qualified to rank among the five gun gods.
With the support of so many powerful teammates, Xiao Ran thinks that they should take a runner-up in this competition. The runner-up is because their biggest opponent is the S team led by the sniper, which is so powerful that it is almost invincible. Xiao Ran is not sure whether his master Jiang Yuhan is a mountain forever in his heart. The man has never been defeated since he became a sniper!
Stop at the strong competition. Club I has already come to the competition. They can stay in the sea for one day at most, and they will go home. After Ye Qing took Da Mi back to the hotel, he let the meteors go back to their rooms, while he chatted with Da Mi in the corridor.
I was chatting in the corridor because Ye Qing was worried that the two of them would be misunderstood when they talked in the room. If they did something bad in the room in broad daylight, it would be wrong to say that they were less happy, but they were misunderstood when they didn’t do anything.
Although Ye Qing was not too short when he was with Da Mi, the closest thing they did was to secretly kiss at Da Mi’s house. Usually, they just held hands and cuddled. Compared with other couples who wanted to stay in bed 24 hours a day, they were as pure as white water, and Ye Qing didn’t know nothing, fish. He and his first girlfriend would study the human body structure together every two or three days. He knew everything about men and women, but he respected Da Mi and never made excessive moves and demands.
Big honey doesn’t look careless at ordinary times, but in fact, her heart is still relatively unified. Even if she kisses, she will blush and be too shy. Ye Qing knows very well that big honey won’t study the human body structure with him before marriage, and he doesn’t want to be misunderstood.
"What did you see through this game, Mier?" Leaning against the corridor railing, Ye leans against Big Honey Road.
Big honey thought seriously, "I can see that the opponent is very strong. Before the game, I didn’t investigate what this team didn’t know about them very well, which led to our lack of preparation. I am responsible for this. After I was with you, I was not as diligent as before. I didn’t know about the job-hopping of the two big guns!"
"Depend! I’m not looking for responsibility! The opponent is very strong and idiots know that I want to ask you if you see any problems with our team? " Ye Qing is very authentic
Chapter 3 Restructuring Matters
Big honey combed her hair and looked back at tall Ye Qing. "Do we still need to look at our team problems from the perspective of this game? Our team’s strength is weak except for you, which also makes our team’s overall strength weak. This is the biggest problem. Am I right? "