Did they record the detailed information in the Raiders by birth rather than by Argo’s painstaking efforts?

At this moment, sadness turned into anger that filled my heart.
If you question Tongren, if you accuse Tongren Wang Yanggen of not caring, you can never forgive him for questioning Argo’s contribution.
Although every time Argo comes into contact, he sees a person who seems to be light-hearted, but after further contact with Argo Wang Yang, he knows that the petite girl shoulders a heavier burden than everyone in the game.
Suddenly, Wang Yang took a big step, and his boots with metal negatives slammed on the floor, and a loud and crunchy sound struck their hearts.
Taken by Wang Yang’s cold imposing manner, the tooth king took a step back to react, and his face immediately flushed with shame. His roots clenched and forced his eyes to face those angry but cold eyes.
"Shouldn’t it be questioned! The misinformation recorded in the Raiders almost killed Tilberu! "
Step a few steps Wang Yang in situ coldly stared at the tooth Wang Yi word way "not to mention you are not qualified to question don’t you see the raiders remarks line? Or do you deliberately look at it? "
"I said I would give you a chance to repent. Now I take it back. You question what Argo said and apologize."
"Are you kidding …" King Tooth’s forehead exudes a layer of fine sweat. "Who are you? Don’t be ridiculous, grandpa is not afraid of you! "
The tooth king knows that the remark on the information side is the inaccuracy of Argo’s information. If you choose information, it is a unilateral belief. Naturally, you can’t pursue this responsibility afterwards.
However, during the meeting, he vented his anger at the beta tester, which was easily resolved by Elki, which made him very dissatisfied. He decided to question the beta tester without authorization by attacking Tongren, and he was implicated in the beta tester.
⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ 931
However, before he came, he jumped out and stopped him alone.
This man is not an ordinary person.
Not to mention Tilberu’s caution that this person is fierce, and at that time, Ling’s head-on goblin Lord’s strike was even more fierce.
Even so, the tooth king believes that there is Tilberu’s support behind him, and his fear is slightly reduced. After all, there is a person on the other side!
There is a man!
Thought of here, the tooth king has greatly increased his confidence.
"This is your decision …"
Wang Yang coldly stared at the tooth king and slowly raised the wind foil across the shield, and then made another heavy step, which was louder and louder than the previous steps.
The atmosphere in the room grew dignified.
Is it time to celebrate with joy?
A few people looked at Wang Yang with complicated faces.
"Tooth King, apologize."
Tilberu, who had been silent when the situation was about to get serious, came out. He looked apologetically at Wang Yang and immediately said to Wang Dao, "Apologize. It can be denied that the Raiders have helped the public a lot and Argo didn’t use it to make a profit. No one has the qualification to accuse Argo."
The tooth king silently bowed his head and gasped for breath for a moment, and his face still remained a little reluctant to sink. "I’m sorry, I shouldn’t question the raiders, let alone Argo’s motives."
With that, the tooth king lowered his head, and no one could see the cold color in his eyes.
Wang Yang looked on coldly for a long time, then put away his sword and shield and said nothing. At last, he glanced at Tilberu with disappointment.
Tilberu noticed Wang Yang’s last look, but now he is trying to resolve Wang Yang’s disappointment with him. Can he ignore the kindness that Wang Yang saved him in the end, but he can’t help but repay it, but not now …
Now that you have taken the first step, it is better to finish the journey decisively.
"Tongren, is it the last blow to rob bss by concealing information and concealing the identity of the tester?"
Owning a knight’s coat aroused Tilberu’s strong possessiveness. In the end, he said such a thing without conscience. His main purpose was to force Tongren to hand over the limited midnight rider coat in front of everyone.
He doesn’t care at all about the fact that Tongren knows his identity, because it has been judged that Tongren, the tester, has no credibility at the moment
Listening to Tilberu’s words, Wang Yang slowly closed his eyes and his mind flashed for a month.
River valley, others don’t sacrifice their feelings …
Love money and love money, Argo. The public pays …
Klein invited a kind warning …
How many people regret giving their lives because of the rain …
Finally, stay in Tilberu and treat people sincerely with smiles.
The world is not so clean …
When I opened my eyes again, Wang Yang was already out of sight, and everything that was about to happen would eventually have nothing to do with him.
There are a few people in the list of friends called out. Wang Yang did not hesitate to delete Tilberu’s name and then turned around and left without dragging his feet.
They are all wait for a while looked at Wang Yang walked to open the door and looked at each other.
Kill bss for one hour. If you don’t enter the transfer gate, it will be another two hours before the transfer gate will open. At that time, there is no need to come to the maze bss room. Because it is located in the central square of the starting town at that time, the transfer gate will be activated, where it can be sent to the first city on the second floor of Ain Grande through the transfer gate.
Although it is three hours, the benefits that these three hours can bring to the pioneers are not low. People who eat crabs first always have an advantage over those who come later.
When Wang Yang walked out of the bss room, they didn’t react.
This sword and shield that impressed them gave up the qualification of going to the second floor for the first time.
Tilberu’s eyes were fixed on the gate until Wang Yang disappeared.
He didn’t need to call up a list of friends to know that Wang Yang deleted his name and he cut off his friends.
"Xiang … I don’t need you to understand now, but I will take action to prove that I am not a selfish person in the future. My starting point in the future is also the players trapped in the Ian Grande body …" Tilberu silently thought and then slowly cast his eyes on the back of Tong people, and his eyes gradually deepened.
Chapter sixty-five Urbath
Two hours later, when the transfer gate of the starting town square was connected with the transfer gate of Urbath on the second floor, the players on the first floor boiled, and thousands of players poured into the transfer gate in the main block of Urbath, which immediately appeared as a scene that thousands of players liked to see in the future, also known as the transfer gate phenomenon.
At this time, Wang Yang is in the deep tailor’s shop where the wine is not afraid of the lane. After returning from the maze area, it is just the time when the transfer door is activated. Small towns like Torbana naturally activated the transfer door. Wang Yang saved some effort and sent the transfer door directly to the central square of the starting town. Thanks to him, he was a few steps later than the players who went to the second floor. Otherwise, when he appeared, he would face a crowded crowd. It was a horrible scene for thousands of players to think about it.
The boss in the tailor’s shop, that is, the indifferent old woman, seems to have ignored Wang Yang’s feeling of neither driving Wang Yang away uninvited nor showing any enthusiasm for Wang Yang’s arrival.
What is the significance of this tailor shop …
Wang Yang sat on the sofa and materialized a flame fruit from the prop column in front of Yuxi and then said, "The first maze has been broken."
"Well," the rain should be a look at Wang Yang expression has not changed much.
In the face of the rain, I feel a little too quiet to react. Wang Yang’s eyes can’t help floating. "Thank you for the clothes. If there is no such clothes, I may have died by then."
Rain suddenly eyes a tight, but that kind of nervous worry eyes like a flash in the pan disappeared Wang Yang didn’t notice.
"I see. You go."
Wang Yang gasped and asked, "How long will you stay here?"
"I don’t know," the rain calmly replied.
Wang Yang leng leng glanced carefully at the old woman who was buried in the workbench and finally gave up asking because he was very sure that the old woman could hear their conversation.
"Send me an email if you have something." Wang Yang got up and was ready to leave.