He just hey hey say with smile "is the so-called don’t bother the two masters have seen it anyway, it doesn’t matter to watch it again. Why don’t you wake up the girl?" Don’t let people know after reading it? "

It’s a long way from bickering with him. Taking clothes and holding Moer is another time to be defeated and flee.
To everyone’s surprise, they didn’t come back for an hour when they left this time.
He some ponder to Ji Dong said, "the cat was this guy won’t be couldn’t help the chance to put somebody else’s little girl which what somebody else’s little girl can be less than 16 years old?"
Ji Dong didn’t good the spirit stared her one eye, "what do you think the cat was this kind of person? I know him well. He must have changed his clothes before waking Moer up and telling her everything honestly. "
He smiled faintly. "Is there such an honest man?"
Ji Dong laughed. "Do you think any of our brothers are dishonest?"
He hummed a look at Ji Dong and then at Chen Sixuan, not far from his side. He snorted, "I think you are very dishonest."
Finally, the cat came back with Moer. To everyone’s great surprise, Moer, the little girl, seemed to be holding the cat’s hand with a happy face. At this moment, the cat bowed its head and looked back slightly. Occasionally, Moer’s eyes were full of gentle colors and he whispered to Ji Dong, "It seems that it has really become."
Moer came back with the cat to look at the light and dry saints’ eyes. with an easy grace said, "What are you looking at? Haven’t you seen someone fall in love? Look again and I won’t cook for you.
The lethality of this sentence is that the poor people quickly withdraw their eyes. Moer, a strange little girl, is not as honest and bullied as the cat.
Moer skipped to Ji Dong’s side because of poor control. She had just greatly improved her body and almost fell down. She smiled and leaned over to Ji Dong’s side. "Thank you for pulling the monster … Oh, no, brother Ji Dong, but you see, Yun and I have established it. It’s not appropriate to call you a teacher again. So even if we have a mentoring, we don’t have a mentoring name, okay?"
Ji Dong can laugh. "Mo Er, you don’t understand what it means for you to be with the cat?"
Moer leng a clever nodded, "I will always be with you after I am white, and I will return to the mainland with you in the future."
Ji Dong sighed, "If everything can develop according to our plan after the jihad, but it is your father’s side …"
Moer said, "I’ve made it clear that I really can’t bear to part with my father, but I’m no longer worried about my life after my father. My father told me that Aunt Furong has come back. After you made a scene in the dark temple twice, Grandpa ordered all the members of the organization to return to the organization department. I can rest assured that Aunt Furong will take care of my father."
Ji Dong was surprised. "Will Furong be with your father?"
Moer nodded a little sad. "It was my father who urged my aunt to pay so much for the organization. As soon as she came back, my father proposed to her. Aunt Furong didn’t agree, but she reluctantly agreed when her father threatened her death."
Ji Dong face reveals a look of admiration. "I’m not wrong about your father. He is bigger than your grandfather. Furong really should have a proper arrangement, but you can rest assured that even if the jihad is over in the future, you and the cat may not always be able to return to the dark five elements of the mainland. Who will know when things come? Cherish the present and cherish the present. "
Moer turned around and grabbed the cat’s hand and said, "Of course, I will take good care of the cloud."
When the cat peeked at Ji Dong, it was always embarrassing to say anything.
Ji Dong nai shook his head and said, "I’m afraid the cat will be eaten to death by Moer after seeing you like this. Moer, I will teach you some skills of Ding Huo’s cultivation points and Ding Huo, but now you can’t rest. If you don’t cook again, everyone will eat me."
Moer laughed. "No problem. I’ll cook a big meal for you now."
It’s been a long time since the saints were so happy as they are today. This meal was particularly enjoyable. Everyone drank a little wine, and Moer naturally became the object of ridicule. However, Moer, the little girl, was clever and resourceful, and turned out to be the least bit, but the cat would sit aside and giggle.
After Ji Dong improved her body, Moer’s physical strength was greatly enhanced, and she broke through the four crowns in one fell swoop. After Ji Dong didn’t let her continue to absorb those crystal crowns, she did it sometimes. In these short days, Ji Dong taught her a lot of Ding Huo knowledge, but she taught her two, one was the dark moon claw and the other was the dark moon dance.
Although there are two skills, it is more than enough for Moer to protect herself in front of the magic teacher at the same level and slightly higher than her.
In twenty days’ practice, except Ji Dong, almost all the saints have made great progress. It is obvious that all the saints who have cultivated the heavenly stems have risen by more than one level, and even Ah Kin’s magic power has risen to ninety-two level.
Du, Lan Bao Er, Du Xiner, the magic of these three people, has reached the level of 13 even jumping two levels, and now it has reached the level of 19.
It’s been more than a month since they entered the dark five-element mainland. It’s just such a month that the saints have improved greatly. According to this situation, it’s absolutely impossible for them to break through the nine crowns when the red-violet skyfire goes out five months later. That’s why they can’t meet the dark cat now. After all, it’s almost impossible for the dark cat to break through the divine level, and their possibility of competing with the dark cat will increase by one point every level.
They are going to stay here for 20 days. Moer brought back the news from Tianfengcheng the day before. Now the whole dark five-element mainland anti-cat organization has been in action for hundreds of years. This time, it is the slightest reservation that broke out, but there is no news from the dark and dry saints.
Moer handed Ji Dong a brand-new map of the mainland, pointing to some places marked with red dots, and said to Ji Dong, "Brother Ji Dong, this is the latest map. These maps marked with red dots all have a small number of dark magic troops stationed, ranging from dozens to hundreds. These cities are either prosperous or where materials are transported, and there are also some troops stationed in places where food is produced or ordnance is produced. In addition to the magic division, our organization is to avoid these cities as much as possible. My father said that if possible, please help us solve some problems conveniently, which will be more beneficial to our organization."
Ji Dong nodded and said, "Tell your father that these places will be our targets. When you resist the secret organization, you should try your best to keep your living strength. First, look for places where there are no dark magic troops or a small number of dark magic troops. It will take three months at the earliest to attack these cities."
Moer Xi Xi smiled. "It’s not that we are against the cat organization, it’s that they are against the cat organization. I belong to your family members of the saints."
Ji Dong ha ha a smile "you this identity transformation is fast, but also have to wait for us to win again after the transformation also come, you go to the news back now and then we should act.
There is no doubt about the priorities. The biggest goal of the Guangtiangan saints after they entered the dark five-element mainland is not the secret of darkness, the so-called dark temple in the root. After all, the accumulated strength of the dark temple is far from enough to pose a threat to the Guangwuxian mainland. The real biggest threat is that tens of thousands of dark magic teachers and millions of troops have already gathered on the sacred island. These are the real goals of the Guangtiangan saints. If you want to weaken the strength of the dark side in jihad, you must start from the sacred island.
The secret of darkness is obviously white, even if he returned to the temple of darkness, he still left the saints in the island of evil spirits. Although the secret of darkness himself didn’t want to admit it, he also knew that the situation of victory appeared at the moment when the saints sneaked into the mainland of the dark five elements. This variable was easy to destroy and it was difficult to build. It was isolated for the saints to enter the mainland of the dark five elements alone, but they also didn’t look back and needed to let go of killing, and it was too difficult to catch them. After all, the secret of darkness was not as powerful as God’s ability to instantly scan thousands of miles.
Ji Dong chose this time not to help rebel against the secret organization and influence the whole dark five-element mainland. The reason is very simple, because he knows very well that the closer the red-violet skyfire goes out, the more the dark secret will pay attention to the sacred island. In the last few months, the dark secret will definitely sit on the sacred island and wait for the last moment. At that time, it will be extremely difficult to show the sacred island again. As soon as Ji Dong leads the naked saints to attack the dark temple, they will be saved and then aim at the real goal. Now it is time for them to aim at this real goal.
When night fell, Dayan Flame Dragon also quietly took off and headed for the sacred island. According to the news brought by Mo Er, after the dark cat returned to the dark temple, it mobilized the whole continent to put eyeliner to look for the traces of the heavenly saints. Of course, their search was fruitless, but before the action, the heavenly saints must not give the dark cat a chance to find them. This time, they not only want to go to the sacred island, but also want to find a relatively secret place to set up a send-off array, so that they can send them to the sacred island and the dark temple at any time. It is not so easy to catch the dark cat.
Ji Dong has been letting the Great Yan Flame Dragonfly stop at the fortress closest to the coast of San Wu Island in the dark five-element mainland. They just passed by this fortress when they entered the dark five-element mainland. At that time, they were afraid of being tracked by the dark cat. They left without doing much observation. There is no doubt that the sacred island body savings are reserved. This fortress, which is as big as two Central Plains cities, is the real source of supply for the dark army.
Moer will rebel against the cat organization and have already told Ji Dong that ten huge granaries and equipment warehouses have been built in the dark cat island and the fortress. There are four such huge warehouses in this fortress, and each warehouse is guarded by more than two thousand dark magic troops.
It’s coming soon. I paved the way for this long time. Chapter 623 The real attack plan
There are 40,000 dark magic troops stationed here on the holy evil island, and most of them are stationed around the top ten granaries. These preparations are all collected from the mainland of the dark five elements. Even if they can’t be continuously transported from the mainland of the dark five elements, the supply list can support the dark army for three years. It is conceivable how huge the ten warehouses are.
"Ji Dong, do we want to start work on this fortress? The dark and dry saints sit on the sacred island. Don’t say that they may not come, but we can come and leave. "
Looking at the dark fortress as huge as a monster in the distance, Yao Qian told Ji Dong that they had just settled in front of them, and they had set up a base that could be sent at any time.
Yao Qianyou didn’t think so. His heavenly saints all agreed with Yao Qian. After all, doing so can not only easily hit the dark army, but also mobilize the dark heavenly saints. Moreover, when they attack this dark fortress, they will certainly be able to kill the dark magic army in large numbers, so as to get another batch of dark crystal crowns. They have tasted the sweetness of absorbing the dark crystal crowns, and the heavenly saints are very much looking forward to hunting the dark magic masters again.
Ji Dong shook his head. "No, it’s not a good time to attack here yet. You don’t have to worry. It’s our goal here sooner or later. If we come here for the first time, we will target this fortress. What if the dark sky dries up the saints and the dark cat comes from the dark temple to sit on the sacred island at the same time? If so, although we won’t be in any danger, the gains will be limited. Li Yonghao knows that we can’t take action without danger, but it’s different if we directly target the sacred island. He will hesitate to inform the dark cat to come. "