It’s a pity that all these departments seem to be great scholars to understand things. Although Cao Xing came to this world without any problem, he didn’t know anything about these Confucian things. Except for shooting that one, Cao Xing may be a little sure, but in other subjects, Cao Xing didn’t understand it.

After coming out of Cao Mu’s home, Cao Xing and dexterity came to the posthouse. Looking at Cao Xing so depressed and dexterous, he couldn’t help laughing. "Don’t worry, it took you a full 200,000 cars to get here. How could it make you waste your time? There will definitely be a miracle in the sky! "
Cao Xing shrugged his shoulders. Believe in miracles. Miracles will surely appear.
Cao Xing came to the county government early the next morning. There are quite a few examiners here. Some people were recommended by Ju Xiaolian, while others came by the same way as Cao Xing. Many of these people wore gorgeous waist swords. At first glance, they were rich men, but Cao Xing didn’t care.
Soon after the examination, a civilian official was appointed, and everyone lined up and then called in one by one
Cao’s heart was a little uneasy, but he didn’t expect the name of the first few people to call his name. Cao’s good crustily skin of head went in.
As a result, I found out that one of the two examiners turned out to be Cao Mu whom I saw yesterday.
The examiner next to him took a serious look at Cao Xing and then asked, "Confucius treats heaven like this!"
Cao Xing leng leng. He seems to have encountered the same problem when he was thinking of his former university. In that case, please think back quickly. Cao Xing racked his brains to think back what he had learned in the university before, but unfortunately Cao Xing racked his brains and couldn’t think of a reason. Just when Cao Xing was so anxious that he was sweating, he suddenly found Cao Mu moving next to him.
See Cao Mu recruited an official and gave the official a piece of paper, so the official held up the paper behind Cao Mu and revealed his doubts in front of Cao Xing.
And the official next to him is unmoved. He doesn’t seem to see the general Cao Xing. Seeing this, the whole person is ecstatic. This is simply a disadvantage.
As a result, he read according to the paper, and anyone who reads anything will come with his mouth open.
Then Cao Mu asked Cao Cao some other questions, but Cao Cao’s answers were flowing, and Cao Cao’s heart was already happy. This was simply giving him a green light, and all the way was blocked
In the end, the two examiners all looked at Cao Cao and nodded with a smile. Cao Cao also came out from the inside sweating, and his dexterity was already waiting for him outside at the moment.
Cleverly tell Cao Xing that if he wants to wait for the official approval notice, it will probably take two days, and he will live well in these two days.
As a result, Cao Xing either studied the art of war of Sun Yat-sen or practiced swordsmanship in the post office every day. Two days later, the day passed. He skillfully pried Cao Xing’s door and smiled at Cao Xing. "Just now, Master Cao has sent someone to inform me that your life has come!"
Cao Cao changed his clothes after listening to the horse, and then came to the county government with dexterity. He found that Cao Cao, the main book, had been sitting there waiting for him, but Cao Cao’s face looked a little bad. First, Cao Cao was unwell, but he took it. The whole person finally knew what Cao Cao’s face looked bad because he didn’t dare to look straight into Cao Cao’s eyes.
Make it clear that the face is written, and Cao Xing is the county magistrate of Bianyun County.
At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, there was a county magistrate in every county, which was the largest official in this county. It can be said that it was a parent in a county, except for the county magistrate like Duan Ke, who had been framed.
The county magistrate also has two official positions, one is Xiancheng and the other is County Commandant. Now the county commandant in Bianyun County is Youtie Youtie, whose duty is to be responsible for the whole public security in Bianyun County. It seems that there are some freedom and enthusiasm in the hands of soldiers.
Yu said that Xiancheng was responsible for the county tax population statistics, but there were no soldiers in his hand.
Cao Xing saw that all the people here were bearded and puffed, didn’t he agree on the county magistrate of Bianyun County? How come you’re not only one level shorter now, but you don’t even have any soldiers in your hands? What’s the point?
"Are you kidding me for spending a full 202,000 yuan to buy such a small office?" Cao Cao couldn’t help but want to rush to directly knock this Cao Mu to the ground, but he was smart enough to directly pull Cao Cao.
Cao Mu seems to be a little embarrassed, and then he left in a hurry. To be precise, he fled out. After a while, two small collectors came in and put a big box directly beside Cao Xing, saying that Cao Mu gave him a look. It turned out to be five baht.
After a cursory glance, there are almost 102 thousand, that is to say, Cao Xing spent 102 thousand and finally bought the ready-made position. Although it looks reasonable, anyway, the position of the county is a little small
"Well, Cao Xing, don’t be too discouraged. This size is also an official. You’d better accept it. I believe that those families who are clever and talented will not be your opponents!"
Cao Cao didn’t speak, but his clever words woke him up. Since it is said that Cao Cao is a county magistrate’s position, there should be no problem. Cao Cao believes that there is no need for Qin Ye to guess this little trick. If Cao Cao is good, it should be that Cai Gui’s aristocratic families directly cut Cao Cao’s county magistrate’s position into a county magistrate’s position.
Finally, Cao took a deep breath, looked at dexterity and smiled. He handed the box to dexterous hands.
"I believe that your organization should also have a special way to hand over the 102 thousand to Qin Ye and tell him that I am very grateful to him. Although he is a county official, I also know that you must have tried your best and I won’t blame him!"
It’s finally a sigh of relief to see Cao Xing no longer depressed and dexterous.
After living in the posthouse for another day, I handled the 102,500 baht money skillfully. Then the next day, they took the commission and rode their horses and were ready to go back.
On the way back, the two men looked at Cao Xing deftly without saying a word. He could see that Cao Xing said he didn’t care, but how could there be no complaints in the deepest part of his heart?
What Cao Xing wants most is that soldiers have soldiers before he can have a good fight with those aristocratic families, but now he has no soldiers in his hand to do something, so it seems quite powerful.
"Come on, Tso, don’t be angry. I know you lost 100,000 yuan in vain this time. You must be unhappy. In this case, my daughter is here to make amends for Qin Ye. That 100,000 yuan won’t let you lose in vain. I don’t think so. Let’s calculate you according to the general price. I’ll act as an agent for a month!"
With dexterity, he showed his amorous feelings again. Cao took one look at his heart, and the account was not necessarily too good. He tricked Cao into going to Chunxianglou and let Cao come out with nothing. This 102,000 yuan was wasted.
"All right, I said that this 102 thousand is equivalent to thanking Qin Ye for your kindness to me. After all, you are a Qin Ye woman and I dare not move casually!"
Chun Xiang Lou was eyeing up by several aristocratic families, but now the business is still in full swing. If there is no force behind him, Cao Xing won’t believe it. Now Cao Xing also knows that the force behind Chun Xiang Lou should be Qin Ye, but if it is said that Qin Ye didn’t kill him at all, he won’t believe it.
However, Cao Cao didn’t expect the atmosphere to change when he said this sentence. He glanced at his dexterous face and his dexterous face immediately sank. Cao Cao’s heart was thumped and he thought, Did you really put my foot in my mouth?
Looking at dexterity, the horse stopped directly, and Cao Cao also stopped. Cao Cao quickly looked at dexterity with a smile and said, "Clever girl, I am a joke. Don’t care!"
However, when dexterous looked up at Cao Xing, Cao Xing found that his eyes were already foggy.
"Cao Gong also asks you not to bully me. My" xianggong "has died in the battlefield!"
Although a smart woman is very good at disguising herself and has stunts, her words are very unbelievable, but somehow Cao always feels smart. This pity is not like pretending.
Chapter 52 Life
"Cao Gong, I stay in Chunxianglou every day. You must think I am a slut!" There was a smile on the smart face, but it was definitely a bitter smile.
"No, no … I’m not …" Cao Xinggang wanted to explain, but before he could finish, he skillfully talked about his own affairs, and Cao Xing also chose to listen.
"I was born in a big family in Bingzhou. My surname is Su. I was unruly from childhood until I was 17 years old. My husband was an officer in the army. At that time, I was attracted by his once upon a time in america’s spirit of daring to fight and finally married him. It didn’t last long. He died in the battlefield in two years!"
Su Dexiao said that Cao Xing immediately came for nothing, but he still didn’t understand that since Su Dexiao said that he was born in a big family, even if his husband died, it should not be a big deal for her to go back to her family with her baggage. Even if she no longer marries, she should be rich and bitter all her life. Why should she go to a place like Chunxianglou?
It seems that I saw Cao’s doubts. Su Dexiao continued to explain, "I did this in order to inherit my" xianggong "last wish. He told me that I wanted to live my own life. I finally went to Chunxianglou …"
Su Jingqiao told Cao Xing that he did join an organization and Qin Ye happened to be in it, but he couldn’t tell Cao Xing what the organization was called and what it was for, but he told Cao Xing that he worked in Chunxiang Building to attract those dignitaries to receive information.
In saying that if you receive information, Cao Xing also realized that you should let the dignitaries show their colors and their possessions first, and then Sue dexterously invited them to say that the narrative was exactly the same as Cao Xing’s experience.
Those dignitaries first served with good wine and good meat when they just wanted to touch their hands, but they felt more and more confused and finally passed out. I’m afraid they can’t remember what they said to Sue before. This is a kind of Jianghu means.
When Sue Smart Zhang finished all this narration, she stopped talking. Cao took a look at Sue Smart, and some changes in her eyes were more erotic.
Although women are good at deceiving men’s hearts, especially beautiful and flattering women like Su Dexiao, they are full of tricks, but Cao Xing can deeply feel that Su Dexiao’s eyes are so wronged, and these grievances may not be easily revealed to people at ordinary times.
Cao Xing can feel in his heart that Su Dexiao is also a woman who doesn’t want her honor to be defiled in his deepest heart, and the reason why she stayed in Chunxianglou before was also caused.
Although it is not completely chaotic today, it is close to the troubled times. However, Cao still thinks that Su Linger’s ex-husband has gone too far.