Add Zhang Sidong’s body, and Cai Raner will be like a fairy. He wants to stand out in front of beautiful women, so that he can stand on others and be happy. Kill two birds with one stone!

When he said the last sentence, he deliberately operated his magic, spitting out every word with the power of fire and wind, and the surrounding temperature suddenly rose. Other inexperienced brothers felt a burning smell in their mouths and noses, and their viscera shook a little, so they stepped back several times.
"Before the change of the Dragon and Phoenix List, it was said that both Hua Ye and Zhang Sidong had the strength to overcome quenching gas, and a month ago, Chen Shaobai personally interpreted that the weak beat the strong and killed Xiao Yishen in Sendai!"
"Chen Shaobai’s time showed mana. There are about seven dragons fighting to see, but it is not just mana. It is said that Zhang Sidong’s" Wind and Fire Sword Three Killing "temperature has been completed, and even a master who can quench his breath can cut it. There is not much difference between the two. This must be a good show in enter the dragon!"
"Not necessarily Zhang Sidong is Xuanyutang’s supernumerary staff. Chen Shaobai will be unintelligent."
Everyone’s mentality can be seen.
However, Cai Raner, the fuse of physical events, frosted the gold Se vestment, stayed out of the hidden crowd and watched the conflict between the two strong men with great interest as if behind the scenes. She wanted to see how much Chen Shaobai’s value and potential could be valued by the big boss.
Ready to go to the Milky Way battlefield to participate in the assessment of the Qing Xuan masters, Chen Shaobai suddenly opened his eyes with a strong ShaQi and J: ng God’s will condensed and tangled fiercely and crashed into Zhang Sidong’s eyes.
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Zhang Sidong felt that his mind was shaken by a huge earthquake and his power was monstrous, which produced a trace of instability. Three steps backward repeatedly, and he stamped his feet on the Xuan Lan Se rock, leaving deep footprints.
After pranayama, I turned to the east of Zhangsi, where Se was red in the neck and the veins stood out, and my eyes were tied with bloodshot.
"Shame on you! What a shame this time! Such a shame must be repaid to this little white face ten times and one hundred times! "
Surging mana condensed behind him into a statue of wind and fire Falun Zhang Sidong’s powerful and ruthless words popped out of his mouth word by word.
"Are you fierce? How dare you stare at me! Pull out your eyes yourself! Otherwise, when I come to Ri, I will step on Taibai Peak and disperse the sword edge group! "
Chapter one hundred and fifty-two Revenge
Chapter one hundred and fifty-two
Zhang Sidong’s information is well done, but he knows Chen Shaobai’s forces clearly. Every word is unforgettable. When someone hears such a threat, he will sweat hard, and his heart will be frightened by three points.
As soon as this statement came out, a group of disciples who went to the Xinghe battlefield for assessment also felt cold in their hearts and consciously retreated two steps, unwilling to provoke such arrogance and strong background.
But Zhang Sidong forgot a word-someone is behind the scenes.
Digging eyes?
Chen Shaobai just practice to the key moment was forcibly interrupted, which is the unpleasant time. The other party’s trial-like remarks and threats reminded him of the situation when Liuliguo was hunted by the official month, and his mood was suddenly extremely unhappy.
Multiple grievances are condensed and condensed into a word that is extremely lethal and humiliating.
"get out!"
Mana mingled and intertwined waves roared out faintly, condensed into four dragons and virtual shadows. Zhang Shidong’s long hair was messy, and his gorgeous and extraordinary clothes were torn by the strong wind. Suddenly, it was a mess. Where did it look like a sword fairy? Points are down and out mortal wan ku!
Zhang Sidong, who was originally well-dressed and noble with extraordinary pride, turned out to be such a miserable appearance after being reprimanded by Chen Shaobai. But at this moment, no one cares about him. Because of Chen Shaobai’s just explosive drinking, his own mana broke out instantly with his strong flesh. Some of them were slightly closer to God, and Se’s wooden brain was severely shocked. Others were poorly equipped and miserable.
Hidden in the crowd, Cai Raner is also a white face. Although he immediately returned to ruddy, there was a strange and indifferent Se color in a pair of beautiful eyes. "Chen Shaobai can burst into waves at this level, and his physical strength is less and he has five dragons."
"I’m" Liu Yu obsequious strategy "didn’t practice to Dacheng, but … this time I went to the Milky Way battlefield to experience a breakthrough and then I could make him my puppet. No matter what his background is, this material is precious and much better than Zhang Sidong’s" "! When I come true and have a peak pulse, I can take my sister to Qing Xuanmen. "
Cai Raner treats her classmates as one piece of training materials. I really don’t know if Zhang Sidong will regret her behavior if she learns of her thoughts.
"Patiently wait for Zhangsidong to curry favor with Wang Ruoyu. Now it is impossible for Xuanyutang’s supernumerary staff to carry the general trend soft, and that Chen Shaobai is even more fiend-like. Whoever stands in his way will dare to kill him, and it is even more impossible to retreat! Today, there will be a waste of both in the first world war, such as I can get benefits. "
A storm of God J: ng, a very powerful spirit of the earth, suddenly derived from Cai Raner’s thinking about time. The two men have met several times in a tangible way.
Stuffy hum one or two body huge shock body clothes like being ravaged by a pair of giant hands for several times, feet ground village after village to crack, but they all have a murderous look in their eyes and don’t want to give up.
But a lot of things are not the transfer of human will. Chen Shaobai, like a statue of the totem god in ancient times, stood proudly on his feet and didn’t retreat half a step. However, Zhang Sidong, who was arrogant and threatened to dig his eyes, retreated three steps and finally managed to stabilize his figure.
"Good power and prestige good domineering! I hope you can be as tough as you are now when you go to the Xinghe battlefield later. "
Zhang Sidong’s eyes have just met once, although some unwilling, but I have to admit that my theory in mana, physical body or J: ng god power has been completely defeated by the first person in the dragon and phoenix list.
After all, the Dragon and Phoenix List is automatically arranged by the Taixu Temple according to the law, which has good reference value.
But fighting this thing has never been a magic weapon to spell mana, physical body and J: ng God’s timing, geographical location, human harmony, state, tactics, coping, and occult arts … There are too many factors that can determine the outcome of life and death!
Hearing each other’s tough talk, Chen Shaobai’s face is as indifferent as water, and his eyes are full of murder. The words he speaks are directed at the heart of Zhang Si’s east face, red-faced and straight, and blood drops. "When the strength is stronger than others, it is called domineering; If you are not as good as others, you dare to talk nonsense. That’s called imbecility. Are you still the third person on the list of dragons and phoenixes? It’s a shame to fold the Xuanyutang dough. "
This remark is really a blow to the other side, but it also avoids direct confrontation with a monster like Xuanyutang too early.
Chen Shaobai’s strength is still weak, even if master Wei Zhang is here, he can easily help him fight against Xuanyutang’s attack. After all, the power of light and dark peaks is still thin, and Xuanyutang occupies a huge strength of the whole country. Now is not the time to put map guns around.
People who can go to the heights on the road of cultivation may have all kinds of fatal shortcomings, but none of them are Yi generation Zhang Sidong. After all, the third person is only ranked in Chen Shaobai and Huaye. Although they are stimulated, their minds are turbulent and their anger is burning. They can’t wait to rush to fight with Chen Shaobai on the spot, but when they breathe, they will completely adjust their state.
Chapter, se y and n in the east are as cold as ice skates, scratching Chen Shaobai as if to cut him into thousands of pieces. When he calculated silently, he sneered and repeatedly offered sacrifices to the wind and fire, and his body jumped and flashed and quickly disappeared in front of everyone.
"Brother Shao Bai, this is the direction of Tianzhifeng. Ten times he is looking for Wang Ruoyu to move reinforcements. It will take a quarter of an hour to send troops to Kai. Do you want to take shelter for a while?"
Cai Raner’s face-changing kung fu seems to be a natural pair. Chen Shaobai’s address changes instantly, and the sound is sweet and greasy, which makes people numb and the eyes are as silky as silk. It seems that it can seduce people’s souls.
Chen Shaobai glanced at her coldly. "Even if Wang Ruoyu becomes a real brother, he can’t directly interfere with the door to kill Zhang Sidong. Ten times in this trip, jiǔ is to ask for a magic weapon to deal with me. I have built my confidence on other people, and even if I have great magic power, I am really a buffoon!"
Say he single-handed negative se calm like a Wang Qiushui staring at the sky suspended large array constantly improving the knowledge of the dark method in the sea, J and NG light flashing in the eyes is hard to face up to.
Zhang Sidong’s action speed is extremely fast, but in a moment, he will ride the wind and fire Falun from the sky and stare at Chen Shaobai with resentment and sneer.
He made a vow of loyalty from Brother Wang Ruoyu, and the strength of a big killer suddenly increased by two times! After entering the battlefield of the Milky Way, there is no bondage of the clan, and Chen Shaobai will not die.
It’s really sinful to kill my classmate, and I’m going to behead Sendai and be punished by crushing my body and destroying my soul. But if he broke Chen Shaobai’s mana source, took away his limbs, took the return token and left him in the battlefield of the Galaxy …
Xuanyutang has a strong background. Even if an elder is dissatisfied with his behavior, there is no way to sentence him to death!
Even if the side wall is 20 years? How can it be worth his humiliation today?
I feel resentment, like a knife and axe. My eyes are scanning back and forth in my body. Chen Shaobai turned around and smiled gently. "Don’t worry, if you want to die, I will be you."