"Hey, yes!" Yan Luowang smell speech suddenly shine at the moment, blunt nine thumbs up shout "listen to a word from a good brother is better than reading for ten years! Before it’s too late, I’ll report to the jade emperor in heaven now! !” Say Yan Luowang will leave!

Nine heavy a stopped it, "yeah, don’t go yet! I helped you get rid of these three living ancestors. You promised to give me a reward? !”
"Oh, yes, yes, yes, my brother. I forgot!" Yan Luowang took out the virtual door that Jiuzhong had seen before from her arms and handed it to Jiuzhong. "This will give you the tenth floor of hell after it covers the entrance of the original ten floors of hell!"
"That’s more like it!" Jiuzhong gladly took the virtual door, looked it in his hand and put it in his backpack.
"Good good brother, I’m going to heaven to see you off now. Let’s meet again soon! !” Say Yan Luowang and crazy ran out of the Yamaraja temple!
"This matter won’t have to find my head then … I’ll talk about it when I think about it!" Jiuzhong turned to Princess Xiangxiang and said, "Let’s go, Xiangxiang is just the last step. We have to go back to the tenth floor of hell, but this time we can walk over. The number of times I sent the ring to the designated delivery function is over today!" Then I took Princess Xiangxiang’s hand and left, but it was held by Princess Xiangxiang!
Princess Xiangxiang clutched Jiuchong’s hands tightly with tears looming in her eyes. She looked at Jiuchong with a complicated expression. "I want to tell you something sacred!"
"What’s the matter?" Nine heavy blows sweet sweet princess qiao face way "what is it? Say it! "
Princess Xiang Xiang stared at Jiuzhong lovingly and bit her lip for a long time before saying, "Holy though … although I like you very, very much, but … you already have a girlfriend, I can’t ruin your love … I don’t want to be a third party! So … let’s stop here! " Princess Xiang Xiang suddenly broke free from the tears in her big hands and smiled. "I wish you happiness … goodbye! !” Say don’t wait for nine heavy reaction directly a scroll back to the city fell to the ground, a dazzling light up beautiful image by disappearing!
“……! !” Looking at the place where Princess Xiangxiang disappeared, Jiuchong was stupid there!
Chapter one hundred and fifty-three Regression
Jiuzhong didn’t expect Princess Xiangxiang to suddenly make such a move, and she was a little overwhelmed for a while. However, Jiuzhong was determined to be tough and soon calmed down to think and turn her mind, and instantly smoothed the process of meeting Princess Xiangxiang, knowing each other and falling in love, and now she left from beginning to end!
I can be sure that Princess Xiangxiang likes herself. I can feel it from the moment when Princess Xiangxiang kissed me deeply and just left!
Want to know this nine-fold hope Xiang Xiang princess disappeared place blazing with anger unswervingly "Xiang Xiang … you shouldn’t let me meet you, but since I met you, I can’t run away. You are destined to be my woman in this generation. Sooner or later, I will get you back! !”
It’s like swearing. Say Nine Heavens and grow a mouthful of energy. Leave the Yamaraja Temple and return to the tenth floor of hell!
It’s much easier to act alone with Jiuzhong. Jiuzhong’s direct combination of small black and white enters the overspeed state, and it’s a great surprise. Without monster contact for a quarter of an hour, it will cross the seventeenth floor of hell and come to the entrance of the tenth floor of hell!
The 17-story hell monster Luo Cha has been refreshed, but the bottom BOSS Ghost King seems to have been refreshed for a long time, and it has not been brushed out yet. The big square seems to be swinging, and there are ten floors of hell entrances isolated in the square!
Jiuzhong took out the virtual door from his backpack and threw it at the entrance in front of him. As soon as the virtual door left his hand, it became long in the wind. A huge door with a height of 10 meters and a width of 5 meters completely covered the original ten-story hell entrance and replaced it with a new ten-story hell entrance. With a flash of light, the virtual door disappeared like a dream bubble in blowing in the wind!
At this time, the unified instructions sounded in Jiuzhong’s ear at the right time. "Congratulations to the player for obtaining the ten levels of hell. After controlling the ten levels of hell, it will belong to your private field!"
This nine-fold has been heard by Yan Luowang. It’s too general. Who knows what’s wrong with the private sector? Or click the property panel to view the properties of the ten floors of hell. "The owner of the private sector of the ten floors of hell-the sacred limit-can care about the time, place and number of times, or take people in and out of the ten floors of hell freely; At the same time, it can also be used as a thing to put what you want into it, and the size is not limited! "
"Good things are really good things! It took me more than ten days to get through the ten levels of hell, which is finally worth it ~! !” After nine times, I found that the virtual door still hides a separate attribute. I immediately clicked on the introduction. "The special props of the virtual door are currently preset by an independent ten-story hell entrance messenger, and the instructions can open the virtual door to enter and exit the ten-story hell anytime and anywhere; At present, the default status messenger of virtual door size can control the virtual door size according to his will! "
"Good Dongdong this is also a good Dongdong ~! !” Nine key instruction settings, the instruction is set to ring the finger. After confirmation, I raised my hand and made a ring. The virtual door just disappeared and immediately appeared in front of him!
Jiuchong strolled in, followed by another ring of his fingers. The virtual door was completely closed by disappearing into ten layers of hell!
Step and walk to the Big Three’s body in Jingshan. Nine times, they gave a way to dismember the body in full swing. "Stop it!" I won’t be dismembered. Now the ten levels of hell are already in my private domain. The bodies of these three giants will not disappear. You can slowly dismember them later! "
They smell speech stopped to summer Dongdong stare big eyes. "No, boss, you got ten layers of hell?" !”
"It’s not ten levels of hell. This tenth level of hell belongs to me!"
"Ha ha ha boss!" At this time, the ground worker came out from a hole in the forehead of the earth treasure king and ran to Jiuzhong to present a treasure with a golden golden egg. "What do you think this is?" !”
"hmm? Where did you get such a big golden egg? !” Curious nine heavy a "critical" lost in the past to get this golden egg information slightly surprised way "Tibetan relic! The Tibetan king sarira! !”
The digger’s face was as happy as a flower and said, "Oh, yes, it’s the relic of the Tibetan king! !”
Before Xia Dongdong heard the news, he quickly identified the underground relic in the arms of a local worker. "Boy, you’ve got something good. This is the core part of the underground golden body, which is much higher in quality than other golden bodies. If it is used to forge a defensive equipment, the defense will definitely be just dripping ~! !”
Jiuzhong patted Xia Dongdong on the shoulder and said, "That’s just the thing. I’m tired of wearing this red dragon armor. You can build me another armor by the way!"
"This may also fail!"
"Hum, you know the consequences of failure ~!"
"You are malicious don’t worry I will go! !”
"OK, it’s okay here, so let’s withdraw first!" Jiuchong said, "I’ve finished my body delivery today. Go straight back to the city scroll!"
"hmm!" They nodded and fished out a scroll back to the city from their backpacks. They fell to the ground and disappeared for a moment and appeared in the central square of the misty city!
When everyone walks nine times, they also start the function of sending rings to the town, leaving the ten levels of hell!
From the central square, Jiuchong went straight to the Imperial Palace, and at the same time, President Li restricted the line and shouted, "All core personnel will meet at the Imperial Palace immediately! !”
It’s been a week since the Hellfire was attacked by the Holy Alliance, and the endless Hellfire Army leaders have been holding their breath for a long time and want to declare war on the Holy Alliance!
However, it takes a long time to launch a battle, and Jiuzhong will have a corresponding limit. These days, Jiuzhong is rushing into ten levels of hell and can’t get away from it for a while. Everyone is so patient and waiting hard. It’s really day and night, and I’m looking forward to turning into Wangfu Cliff. I’m looking forward to Jiuzhong’s coming back soon!
Now I finally heard the nine-stressed tears almost didn’t fall. "I finally came back! ! !” A group of male army chiefs burst out like tigers out of the gate, roared like wild animals, and ran at a speed of 100 miles to the imperial palace!
The players of hell crazy flower also seem a little excited when they hear the nine stress, and they clenched their fists hard. "The president has finally returned to the holy alliance, and your fucking end is coming! !”
No sooner had Jiuchong’s front foot arrived at the Golden Temple than all the heads of the army rushed to see Jiuchong’s excitement and jumped out with a sentence "You are back!" !”
"Oh, I haven’t seen you for a few days, so you miss me ~!" Jiuzhong sat down in the dragon chair and said, "But old men like beautiful women, so don’t be wishful thinking!"
"Go to hell!" Wang Baobao blunt nine heavy vertical a big middle finger way "don’t want you! !”
"Big brother ~!" Wang Baobao’s voice just fell and Luan’s voice sounded like Oriole’s, followed by a beautiful image galloping dragon platform flapping in nine heavy arms and pursed his mouth. "Big brother, you are too bad to see Luan’s son for so many days! Do you not like Luan? !”
Jiuzhong took Luan’s slender waist and held Luan in his arms. Hook Luan’s small nose and said lovingly, "How can big brother not like Luan? It’s because he’s been a big boy these days and he hasn’t got away!"
"Hum Luan Er, whether you want to compensate Luan Er!"
"How to compensate? !”
Luan Erqiao’s face is red and her lips are stuck in Jiuzhong’s ear, and she exhales like Landao. "Hee hee, let’s do H things later ~!"
Which man can stand this deadly tease? This girl is really getting more and more attractive. Jiuzhong immediately has a boiling blood and a swelling brain. I can’t wait to do Luan’s son now! However, Jiuzhong also knows that now is not the time and there are business to discuss. Even taking a few deep breaths can barely suppress his desire to * fire!
Don’t be so proud when you see Jiuzhong being teased by yourself. Giggle in Jiuzhong’s arms!
"You know come back? !” In nature, Luan’s son also loves to dance with Jiuchong. Feng’s dance came to Longtai and looked around the dragon chair, holding Luan’s son Jiuchong pouting "… big pervert! !”
"Thank you for your compliment ~!" The nine-faced face naturally does not cover the provocative place of the phoenix dance, and it is easy to accept that it is not flat, and the teeth of the phoenix dance are itchy!
"Cough …!" Nine heavy gently cough a line of sight from the phoenix dance body moving to Taiwan all get to the point "surely everyone knows what I did when I called you here today? !”
Chapter one hundred and fifty-four Declare war
"yes! !” Taiwan all drink a way.
"What do you mean? !”
"hit! !” Everyone speaks with different opinions.
"that’s good!" Everyone agrees to vote yes, there is no objection, and Jiuzhong has nothing to say, so he will announce the final decision to declare war on the holy alliance!
"I don’t agree!" But at this moment, a discordant sound sounded, and all the people turned their heads to look at the sound source. It was Shen Yue!
Shen Yue walked through the crowd to the dragon platform and sat beside Jiuzhong in front of the dragon chair. "I don’t agree with your declaration of war on the holy alliance. It’s a trap!"
"Oh?" Jiuzhong grabbed Shen Yue’s waist and said, "Tell me!"
Shen Yue explained to all the people in Taiwan, "This sacred alliance is a combination of the Heavenly Kings and Heavenly Kings Center, and five large guilds, namely Flower World, Huangdao League, Fujiatian League, and God of War League, have snared 40 small and medium-sized guilds, totaling 54 guilds. The total number of guild players is around four million! Among them, Tianwang League is our sworn enemy and our president …! "
Shen Yue pointed to Jiuzhong. "At the beginning, the auction house robbed him of his guild token while holding the token, and then it robbed him in Qishan. Phoenix is now Feng Dance’s younger sister’s pet, Black Rose. Later, when the guild of Tianwanggong was established at the beginning, the original guild of Tianwanggong was established to defend the main city from monsters, and people were brought to spoil it. Many of you took part in the good deeds of Tianwanggong, which caused him to lose the battle to defend the city and suffered heavy losses. Later, they had to change a city site and conduct a monster siege war to establish the main city of the guild successfully!"