Hearing Ye Qing say thank you, he was also very touched. He quickly replied, "What is there to thank for this? It’s just to communicate with each other. I’m glad to see that you have become a superstar after you have become so powerful. I can also brag to others that I once defeated you. Hahahaha!"

It’s true that Jingfeng speaks, but he is often abused by him, * * * * * * * But Ye Qing has made rapid progress, and it won’t be long before Jingfeng is no longer his opponent. Ye Qing couldn’t help laughing when he saw Jingfeng typing and quickly responded, "You really beat me and it was many times."
"Men are not brave in those days. Let’s hit me and see how many people I will lose this time." Jing Feng said and rushed out from the base.
Ye Qing stopped typing. He slowly walked out of the base and then flashed into the main road. At this time, the posture of Jing Feng had been displayed. It was actually a loss to enter the main road after him, but he didn’t care that if Jing Feng couldn’t blow his head at the first time, then his posture could be displayed quickly.
Ye Qing was confident enough to kill the storm after the exhibition, but this time the storm was well prepared. As soon as he entered the main road, the storm was shot in the head with a bullet, because he knew that one shot was enough, which was his confidence.
Ye Qing rushed out of the base again and entered the main road. He showed his posture as quickly as possible. Although he was well prepared, he didn’t always shoot Ye Qing’s head with a bullet. After he showed his posture, the two of them started shooting at each other. Ye Qing, with his high rate of head shots, still blew the surprise first in the middle of the gun.
It was very exciting for the two of them to play hardball on the main road. Ye Qing seems to have returned to that time. It was shorter when both of them were masters of gun fighting, and it was limited to four people. Ye Qing finally won at 4:27.
After the game, Jingfeng typed to Ye Qing, "I really can’t beat you. The strength gap is a bit big. Fortunately, I’m not a professional player now, or I’ll have a headache when I meet you!"
"Your career is pretty good now. It’s much more stable than ours, but it’s also a lifelong career. What if you don’t worry about retiring?" Ye Qing was envious of the tunnel.
It is probably the dream of many people to enter Tencent, especially those who like to play games. Tencent Banner has many popular games. It is said that employees of the company can apply for various game coupons such as F and lol every month.
Tencent employees don’t play these games as long as gm, but it’s easy to get some good equipment and good-looking skin. After entering Tencent, they really feel these benefits, and those who ask him for guns value his identity as a Tencent employee
Jing Feng couldn’t help but show a wry smile when he saw Ye Qing’s words, and then said, "This job is actually more tiring than being a professional player. Organizing the competition is a torture. There are many things to be prepared and we can’t miss all aspects. We must make overall arrangements and do everything perfectly."
"Come on, you’ll be content. Out of ability, please do your best and say that the boss believes you and you should smile! By the way, I’ll ask you one more thing at last! "
"What is it? I can’t do it if I want an F gun. I can’t do it this month at least. I have already applied to the boss once. "
"It’s not an F gun, please help me to charge some qb!"
"get out! That’s even more impossible! You Tencent is me? " Jing Feng is very authentic. Although Q coins are virtual currency, they are equivalent to rmb, and 1q coin is equal to one dollar. To prevent the inflation of virtual currency, it is also necessary to make more money. Even Tencent employees don’t say that they want Q coins, so they can get them. Even if they apply, they must have a good reason.
"The elder brother of the wind you too not to force! Then how about you get me some League of Legends coupons? " Ye Qing deathless heart tunnel
"Do you still play that game?" Jing Feng is a little surprised to know that professional players who play F rarely play lol. These two games are operated in different ways, and it is easy to destroy the feel. Plus, professional players play other games when they have little time to train every day, even if they sometimes choose to rest. Most professional players are going to vomit when they see the game, and they are not excited.
"I … don’t play, I’ll sell it!"
"Go to hell! Have fun, you f, don’t be dishonest. "Jingfeng didn’t good the spirit tunnel.
"I’m not doing anything. I’m doing a sideline …"
"I’m too lazy to talk nonsense with you. I have something to do. Let’s get together first, but I must be at the scene when Tencent holds the competition. Almost all large-scale events have Tencent Film Institute. I am at most of the competitions!"
"Well, you’re called the ghost!"
"I’m too lazy to leave you!" Jing Feng quit the game after typing this line.
Chapter 46 Fix Thomas
After Jing Feng quit the game, Ye Qing went to other rooms to fight a few times, each of which killed the opposite person. Several teams tried to pull him into the team, but he refused. He gradually felt boring. In the melee, he was close to the enemy’s one-sided slaughter. It was more exciting, but it was boring after a long time.
He simply quit the game, then took off his headphones and walked out of the training room. He took a breath of fresh air in the corridor outside the club, and then habitually took out a pocket, but he took out the original cigarette.
He looked at some yellowed fingers and shook them with a wry smile. He said to himself, "No smoking, no spirit!" He looked downstairs and then hesitated to buy a pack of cigarettes when he saw Dami coming out of the club.
She looked around, and when she saw Ye Qing, she shouted at him, "Why did you run outside? Huang Qiusheng called back and said that things had been settled. He also asked whether to bring people here now or let that guy report early!"
Ye Qing was a little surprised that Huang Qiusheng’s efficiency was so high that he got things done so quickly. He quickly replied, "You tell him to bring people here now and let him get familiar with the environment of the first team first and then have dinner together later to talk about the treatment."
"Good" Honey went back to the club and Ye Qing came back. When he entered the club, he saw that the door of Honey’s office was still open, so he went over.
Big honey returned a message to Huang Qiusheng in the office. As soon as she hung up, she saw Ye leaning at the door. She Zhan Yan smiled. "What’s the name of the sniper you asked Huang Qiusheng to pull?"
"Foreigners or people who have studied in China?" Dami asked curiously that there are English names in her concept, either foreigners or scholars. Ordinary people rarely take English names, but now English teachers in some schools like to give English names to students, and the number of English names has gradually increased.
Ye Qing shook his head. "None of this guy is from China. To be exact, he is from China with a foreigner’s face. He was born in China and his nationality is China. His English name is Thomas? Wang Zhongwen’s name is Wang Lingfeng. "
"So interesting? That’s true. But if you ask him to come over now, how can you two train this afternoon? It takes only ten minutes to get familiar with the environment. It’s not very big here. Are you going to stare at each other with him at noon? "
"I can cultivate a tacit understanding with him first. I practice covering him, and he also practices covering me and cooperating with each other. Now I need to strengthen cooperation with my teammates, especially when I fight in the desert for one day. I will send him a side bridge first, and then he can cover me and kill me." Ye Qing seems to have already planned it.
Big honey nodded when he said this. "Well, what do you want for lunch?"
"Just order any kind of noodles." Ye Qing has never been very particular about eating. Anyway, she can fill her stomach, but honey can’t. She is a person who pays attention to the quality of life, as can be seen from the layout of her office
She immediately shook her head and said, "No, it’s not a formal training today. You don’t have to eat well at noon in such a hurry. You’re not worried that I’ll let you pay. It’s my treat, okay?" How about we go upstairs to eat? "
"Wang kitchen?"
"It’s not a new western restaurant. Let’s go eat steak."
"Okay, okay, then go eat."
"After eating steak, we can go to Manji to eat sweet. I haven’t eaten durian banji for a long time, and my mouth is watering."
"What’s delicious about durian … the smell makes me want to vomit. It’s really heavy that you can eat it in your mouth." Ye Qing is very authentic and frowned as if he had smelled the smell.
Big honey white his one eye is very disdain tunnel "too don’t understand appreciation! Although durian tastes bad, it tastes very good, and it is full of processed durian banji, which tastes less strong but tastes better. "
"Anyway, I can’t get used to the smell. You can eat then and I’ll order something else."
"Don’t force you! Let’s go. I’ll clean up a desk. "Big honey said and began to clean up the desk files.
Ye Qing also immediately put the tea table and tea set in order, and then they went out of the office together and took out the key to lock the office door.
When I arrived at the building, Dami entered the new western restaurant with Ye Qing. It is a French western restaurant. It looks good, and it is decorated very chic, giving people a sense of height and a wide field of vision. Although she has not been here to eat, Dami is satisfied with the environment here.
The two men sat down at a table near the left wall. Honey chose this position because there is an oil painting Van Gogh sunflower hanging on the wall next to this table. This painting is of course a copy, but it can’t be true, but it still has a lot of feelings.
There are twelve sunflowers in the painting, which were painted by Van Gogh in the south of France. The original works are collected in the National Gallery of London, England. This is the original works of impressionist masters. The auction price is 40 million dollars, which shows how valuable this painting is.
Van Gogh is Dutch, but this pair of sunflowers was painted in France. This painting in this French restaurant is also very tasteful as a mural, and honey is also a person with great artistic vision. She feels particularly pleasing to the eye when she sees this painting, and she will feel much better when she chooses to eat in this picture.
Where does Ye Qing know how to appreciate famous paintings? He doesn’t know that hanging on the wall is a painting by Van Gogh, a painter who became famous after his death. Now he is a world-renowned painting master, but it is not surprising that Ye Qing has never paid attention to this aspect.
He couldn’t help asking, "What’s so special about this painting?"
"Do you think this pair of sunflowers is well painted?" Big honey didn’t answer his words but asked him a question.
He also looked up carefully and then shook his head. "Is it a sunflower? What kind of yellow wildflowers am I? I don’t paint very much like it. I don’t think it looks good. "
"Luo Luo ….." Big honey couldn’t help but cover her mouth and chuckle. Ye Qing scratched her head and said, "What’s so funny? Am I telling the truth and saying something wrong?"
"You think that Van Gogh’s paintings are not good-looking … and that he doesn’t paint like … you are awesome! Do you know how much this painting is original? " Big honey can’t help but say with smile
"Maybe one or two million?" Ye Qing was surprised that a painting worth one or two million yuan was sky-high for him.