"Not afraid that Li Lang will come to save us soon."

After Bian Shi’s comfort, Cai Yan’s mood is better, but his body is still trembling with fear. Li Zhuang’s expression is a little worried. They will have to stay in Tianmen City for five days for five days. Li Zhuang doesn’t know if he is sure to be continued.
Chapter three hundred and sixty-three Crisis
In a flash, it’s another day. It’s been two days since Tianmen City was broken, but Li She, who is worried, is still on the road, and it’s still far from Tianmen City.
Liu Biao is leisurely drinking tea in the office of the Lord of Tianmen City at this time, lying on his back in his chair and looking at the suspended light cyan gem with a smile. "The first city in the day is not me."
Yes, Tianmen City, the first city in the world, has been occupied by Liu Biao, who has given up the two options of destruction and plunder. After all, Liu Biao also knows that it is impossible to build a city like Tianmen City again.
The territory was occupied, and Li She naturally received the news. She didn’t believe it was true, but it couldn’t go wrong. Li She stepped up her pace with her foot soldiers and worried about the safety of her parents and wives. Her temper became very unstable. "If anything happens to them, I will kill you!"
Or there are two dead bodies in the hut. Li Zhuang’s spirit is highly nervous, paying attention to the movement around him. The two bodies slowly exude a rotten smell and spread to the whole house.
Bian Shi several people didn’t have a good rest for two days, especially Li Fu and Li Mu, who are very old. In this case, they have long been unable to stay up. They don’t want everyone to worry about it, or Cai Yan is weak in Bian Shi’s arms and says, "Sister Bian, I’m so hungry."
Yes, they’ve been hiding here for two days. They haven’t eaten for two days. They’re already hungry. They don’t even eat or drink. Bian Shi still cracks his dry lips with a smile. "Hold on a little longer and Li Lang will come to save us."
The whole house didn’t even expect a drop of food. If it’s good, Liu Biao’s army should have robbed it.
"Niang! What’s wrong with you? " Mother suddenly mouth surprised way
"It’s okay. Your mother is just too hungry. She woke up in the past and waited for a while." Li Fu gently pushed Li Mu, who was weak and opened her eyes. After all, the old man’s body is still stronger than the young people and said, "Don’t go out regardless of whether I am a soldier outside now."
Bian Shi a look at the situation is wrong, regardless of whether he will meet the enemy. He is afraid that he will starve to death before Li is involved in the rescue. Let’s turn around and look at Li Zhuang. "Eldest brother and parents are not healthy, we must find some food to fill our stomachs, otherwise parents will not make it."
"Ok, I know. Stay here. I’ll get something to eat. Remember never to go out." Li Zhuang suddenly took out a kettle from his waist and handed it to Bian Shi. "There’s some water in it. Come back with my horse first."
"Who wouldn’t take a kettle with him? This is my kettle. I plan to take it out at the most difficult time and give it to my uncle and aunt."
Bian Shi first gave Li Mu a little bit of Li Mu’s look, which was better. He also asked Li Fu to drink Li Fu and hurriedly declined, "You girls drink, and my old bones is still alive."
Several times to refuse a pot of water, several people shared it with Li Zhuang and went out carefully. It wasn’t long before Bian Shi and others heard someone shouting outside in the house, "Stop! Ah … Found the enemy! "
There was a fight outside, and suddenly the children in the room were kicked vigorously. "Give me that. That Han just went out of this room. There must be someone inside!"
The house construction is relatively simple. Except for a reception hall, there is a host resting in the bedroom. The enemy’s footsteps are coming to the bedroom. It is very quiet in the bedroom. The foot soldiers rummaged through it and plunged a foot soldier into the closet. "Ha ha ha! Here it is! "
A crouching general laughed and looked at several people hiding in bed in Bian Shi. A foot soldier was just about to take a knife to cut the bed and was immediately stopped by the previous foot soldier. "You didn’t see that they are all rare beauties. You have to be happy first!"
The foot soldiers vigorously lifted the bed board, and the soul of several beautiful women was immediately taken away.
"Gnome male-"… "A group of obscene laughter rang.
"Sister Bian" Cai Yan was so scared that she almost cried. The whole face turned pale.
Li Fu and Li Mu bravely stood in front of several daughters-in-law. Li Fu roared, "I advise you not to touch us or my son Li She will not let you go!"
"Li is involved?" The general who squatted on the ground suddenly froze, "Wait!" As soon as an order is stopped, you must take the lead.
"You said your son’s name was Li She but Nanyang Taishou Li She?"
"Not bad!"
The general squatted on the ground and nodded thoughtfully. "Don’t move those two old guys. Will you take them to see the master in these beauties later? Hey hey … "
"Stop it! Do you know who they are? " After Li Fu saw that he had quoted Li’s name, the enemy general did not move. He wanted to emphasize the identity of Bian Shi and others so that they could retreat, but Li Fu was wrong. This is not a modern city. This is a man who respects the times and the roots of women are not important.
In the Eastern Han Dynasty, filial piety was emphasized. If this enemy general moved Li’s parents, there would be no good results for himself. Although Liu Biao attacked Li’s territory this time, it does not mean that Liu Biao will definitely get back together after Li’s face is torn, because Liu Biao still needs Li to help him defend the north. This is politics.
If Li and Liu Biao make peace one day, speaking of parents’ enmity, the general is sure that Liu Biao will meet both sides and will not hesitate to hand himself over. He is not stupid. He has not moved Li’s parents and left a few women, so he will not consider so much.
Even if these women are all wives and concubines, it’s no big deal. As the saying goes, the general didn’t care much about the big deal, but he also gave a few beauties to Li.
He doesn’t know that Li She has different ideas from modern times, not to mention her strong possessiveness towards women.
The grinning foot soldiers pounced on Bian Shi and others. Although Li Fu and Li Mu desperately resisted, how could they stop these brave foot soldiers? What’s worse, Li Zhuang was eager to find food and didn’t find this team of foot soldiers entering the house. Several people in Bian Shi were in danger. To be continued.
Chapter three hundred and sixty-four Caught
Li Fu and Li Mu were quickly left behind by the grinning foot soldiers. Just as they were about to extend their claws to several women, Bian Shi said, "Wait!"
Bian Shi’s face is elegant and dignified, and his tone looks quite imposing. It seems that it is very difficult to provoke those foot soldiers who have been in positions all the year round. Some people are afraid to start work, and they are afraid of what they have provoked. The big shots will look puzzled at the general who is still squatting on the ground.
The general stood up with a playful smile and said, "Are you going to resist?"