"It’s okay, it’s okay, I’ll introduce you to the promise." Bad frog waved his hand and pushed a mage in front of Yang Ye. "This is the president of the promise war, you know, he took us over." Then he looked at Yang Ye. "Promise this is our ppg president’s 22-level mage’s square inch stone, which is the first archer in our guild. The 21-level fan doesn’t fan the wind." Bad frog finally pointed to one archer.

"Hello, President of the Square Stone" Yang Ye greeted the Square Stone and nodded to the archer at the same time.
"Hello promise, thank you very much for your willingness to take us through the werewolf vice. To tell the truth, we have been wiped out too many times, and we have been unable to get through it. Not only our guild, but all guilds have been unable to find you …" With a wry smile, it’s a shame to have to ask the scattered people to say it, but all guilds have not been humiliated together.
"Where is the president of the heart stone? I’m just lucky to be the captain. It’s important that my teammates are very powerful. I’m just playing a role in deployment." Yang Ye light way
"Ha ha, the promise brothers are so modest, so I can’t say anything. Please ask the promise brothers to take us back today," Fang inch stone joked.
"Heart-inch stone President trust me that nature is no problem …"
The two sides want to talk happily, and the atmosphere is harmonious. Naturally, they are happy with their own interests, but they are also unhappy outside the werewolf’s illness. That is Yang Ye’s old friend-Fighting Magic Blood Anger.
I didn’t expect to meet that soldier outside this werewolf suffering vice, but he would kill him with his own people. I can’t afford to lose that man! However, it’s not the style of fighting demons’ blood and anger. Today, I happened to meet their elite group of fighting demons’ guild to challenge werewolves to have nightmares. Most deputy masters don’t teach them a good lesson. How can they do that?
Fight the magic blood anger eyes turn immediately plan from the heart to fart Dian fart to fight the magic guild elite group head fight the magic to cut there, "hey hey head I have something to tell you"
The devil took a glance at the demon’s blood anger and said faintly, "Say!"
With such an attitude, he didn’t get angry at all. He thought for a moment and continued, "Does the colonel know that np is a little girl or that?"
"I know. What happened? Didn’t you say that np was taken away?"
"Hey, hey, the colonel was lucky to meet that guy today. Look, it’s him chatting with ppg over there!" The two guilds, ppg and Doumo, don’t deal with each other. Almost everyone knows that it is common for members of the two guilds to fight each other when they meet.
The demon fights with a frown. "What does he have to do with the stone?"
"No, definitely not!" Fighting demon blood anger shook his head and was sure to arrive
"no? Hey, it’s good to go and meet him! "
"Haha, the head is mighty and domineering!" The plan is so smooth, you are happy in your heart, and it is time for you to die!
Yang Ye was chatting with the square stone about the guild. Suddenly, there were six people walking on one side, and one of them was an old acquaintance.
Yang Ye smile this is to find another project?
Chapter 14 Since ancient times, it has been us …
A few people quickly approached the people, and before they reached the front, a soldier spoke far away. "Oh, it’s the president of the square inch stone. What a coincidence! Is the president of the square inch stone also here to kill nightmares?"
Heart-inch stone has long seen the magic fight. This man is the elite of the magic fight guild. Heart-inch stone naturally knows him now. It’s not that I’m excited to see an old friend, but that I’m habitually sarcastic to see an old rival. Heart-inch stone looks at the magic fight with a squint and a light way. "Oh? Is it an elite group of the Fighting Magic Guild? Your president will become a demon. Didn’t he come? "
Heart-broken stone deliberately didn’t go to fight the magic, but pointed out the president of the fight the magic guild. The purpose is to satirize the fight the magic, and you are the head of an elite group, so the slag root is not equal to me!
How can you not recognize him without being angry after fighting the devil for many years? Still smiling, "Alas, there is no way that the president can be a busy man. We can do this kind of rough work. How can we let him come?"
The meaning of this sentence is even more obvious when the demon fights. Isn’t a president of your ya brushing the vice with us? What’s better than our Olympics?
When people on both sides meet, there is a strong smell of gunpowder. The fierce collision between the two sides seems to spark, and even the surrounding onlookers are chilly-
"Look at the lying trough, it’s a square stone and a bucket of demons. Two great gods are going to fight again. Let’s hurry up and go …"
"By again? Every time they fight, they kill me. I’ll go to the brothers and run … "
"The premature death of the stone and the magic fight … the wife quickly went home to collect her clothes and run for her life …"
"Their two families are really passionate …"
When I heard the discussion around me, even if it was like a square stone and a fight against demons, players were a little blushing at the peak of the game
"Ahem … I said that everyone is so busy when I cut the head, right?" The square inch stone touched the bridge of the nose and said.
Fight the magic a chop also vague words way "heart stone, President of the said to everyone so busy that …" Fight the magic a chop lift foot yu go root forget him!
Fight the devil’s blood and anger at first glance. Oh, no, I can’t. I’m the head of an elite regiment. I won’t teach a lesson. How did that little one walk like this? This side is even more difficult. Hurry up and wake up and fight the devil. "The head of the regiment is np…… … behind that little one …"
I’m looking for that little stubble. Now that I’m gone, what’s the point of coming here to show love to the players? Immediately stopped and looked at Yang Ye and said, "Hey, you know that you robbed our president np. Come on, how to compensate?"
This side of the stone is also a promise. When did this guy become a magic lever? It’s enough. But now is not a good time to win him over? Yu was robbed by Yang Ye when his brain turned fast and he opened his mouth.
"If you talk like that, you can’t brush this pair today."
"Oh, haha, tell me why I can’t brush it. Can you still kill me?" Fight the devil with one chop and one laugh.
"How can you brush? This np is me! " Yang Ye Avenue is full of momentum.
"You … you?" What’s the logic of this horse-stepping?
"Of course it’s me" Yang Ye light way.
"You step on the horse. Who are you? This np belongs to everyone. If you want to go in, you can figure out how it is you. Ridiculous "fight the magic to cut as big as refuting the self-recognition that every word of the heart is justified."
"Ah ~ a chop head good consciousness, the younger brother Pepe like the younger brother this bitch, garbage, no quality pig just don’t know this I also this np is I a person? A chop head don’t give me this-bitch! -garbage! -no quality pig fighting ….. "Yang Ye said base to bite three people swear words is very heavy.
How can he not know that Yang Ye is turning to scold them for fighting demons? The guild is a bitch, garbage and a pig, but he can’t say what he just said. He just robbed the president np and gave Yang Ye a bad look. Finally, he said in a bad tone, "You have seed. Wait for me."
"Oh, I don’t know if the head of the squad has it?" Yang Ye has a so-called revenge. Anyway, if you get bigger, you will get bigger.
"I won’t kill you if you don’t stimulate me here. Let you die early when you get out of town!" It’s only at this time that the demon fights fiercely. After all, behind him is a huge guild with tens of thousands of people.
"Tut-tut, the colonel’s sex is a big deal, but the younger brother is not a good person. I can’t accept that I am relegated to the second place. This is not my style …" Yang Ye suddenly said with the loudest volume, "Can I make a bet with you?"
At this time, Yang Ye’s lungs will explode with anger.’s great success has attracted players around him to watch, and Yang Ye’s bet to him is to challenge the guild of fighting demons, but he can’t refuse to fight demons! So many people are watching and listening. If you don’t take the bet, others can’t laugh at you. Is the Magic Guild even afraid of breaking up?
"Interesting. Whatever bet we made, we took it!"
"Ha-ha, there is courage. It’s not the same as an ordinary player like me. Alas, it seems that I will lose miserably." Yang Ye pretended to be very sad, but Yang Ye, next to Lilina, was really sad, so he was very kind to come over and comfort Yang Ye, who was bounced back by Yang Ye’s brain. Then he went on, "This bet is very simple. Let’s bet on the werewolf who has nightmares."
Although the id of Promise War is famous in China, its person has not yet appeared in the public eye, while Yang Ye usually hides the id, and no one knows him except a few people who know the root, so does the fight against the devil.
After careful thought, there is nothing wrong with this bet. Even with the help of a friend, the wild boy can’t pass the nightmare. Although the deputy himself may not pass, he didn’t lose at least, so he nodded, "But we can meet the demon guild."
Yang Ye gave a chop to the fighting demon and laughed. "Well, we will be supervised by all the players present at the game by President Fang inch stone. How about 1 gold coin?" 1 gold coin, 1w RMB, is a big gamble.
"No problem." The bucket demon nodded and then went with a research vice of cutting.
Heart-pounding Shi Ziyang Noguchi didn’t speak in the end. He was also a little surprised. Yang Ye’s atmosphere and a state of mind that didn’t care seemed that it was not difficult for him. What kind of confidence is this?
Looking at going far to fight the magic, a group of people gathered their eyes on Yang Ye and said, "Promised brothers are really courageous."
Yang Ye smiled faintly. "I’m a layman when the president of the square stone laughs."
"Haha, it’s all laymen who go through the vice!"
Werewolves have nightmares.
Yang Ye stepped into this place for the second time, and his teammates around him have changed a bowman and a mage, Fang Cunshi. The top 1 player in the ranking list hangs high. The nightmare is that he has completed a job of hiring a Yang Ye bowman fan at a price of 1 gold coin. The level 21 is also the top 1w player. The difference between them is one level, but it is more than 1w apart. It is conceivable that the competition on the list is fierce, and the ranking will change almost every few points of experience. Both of them are level 2 silver and bronze equipment. The output is very high.
It was extremely difficult to break the cage before, and it was broken in less than 6 minutes after several people besieged it, and then it was invincible all the way. Yang Ye, the soldier, didn’t pull a mobster well because he died too fast
Yang Ye, an old friend with a knife tooth, contributed 5 gold coins and 6w cash. The good wolf is still there at this time. Yang Ye’s word is a greeting, but this stupid wolf is ungrateful and rushes towards Yang Ye …
As the frog saw before, Yang Ye is still so windy now. sao’s knife and teeth can’t touch Yang Ye, and he, a priest, has also been reduced to a fighting career and constantly contributed his weak output.
Although I have heard bad frogs and lonely monkeys say that this soldier is magical, but now seeing it with my own eyes still makes my mouth twitch. Is this horse a person? Is this product dead? Right? Must have hung up! Right? This fucking boss can’t touch him. He’s limited to dodge.
The thrilling knife tooth once again fell on Yang Ye’s foot.
[Announcement Congratulations to the ppg Entertainment Association team for successfully refreshing the difficulty of werewolves suffering from nightmares. They lasted for 4 hours, 22 minutes, 46 seconds and 54 minutes. The team members were square-footed, the fans didn’t fan the wind, the promise war, the lonely monkey and the bad frog]