A moment later, the smoke dispersed in the distance. Dream Lanjun and others were cold-footed. When Hongwen was lying in a large smoky scorched earth, he finally lost his words and retreated again because his head was like a watermelon crushed by a car wheel and turned into a pool of plasma.

"Too much nonsense!" The mad dog dragon snorted and then shook his hand. The pistol "clicked, clicked" and suddenly rang and deformed. When a wristband was brought back to his hand, he could not see that it was a terrible weapon.
This is the deformable new tactical pistol, and just now Mad Dog Dragon chose the large-caliber shelling mode, which means that it is not a bullet but a shell, and it is also a special shell
This kind of shell is compressed with high strength and added with special metal, crystal source, energy and highly toxic corrosion.
This gun doesn’t make it easy, because killing people may not be as expensive as shells.
However, these are not the most crucial and quintessential points. When Mad Dog Dragon performed "Alpha Assault", his weapon was a dark hall knife. The attack power was very general, but the special effect was to silence the enemy for 3 seconds, which was the time when Hongwen fell into hell.
What is it?
Hongwen, a high-level charge soldier, not only has a set of second-hand tricks, but also has a set of self-protection tricks to prevent him from making the defensive skills mad dog dragon directly silent. After he takes another shot, your skills are all useless.
The so-called "continuous recruitment" sometimes depends not only on the skill connection, but also on the reasonable equipment, which makes Hong Wen die unjustly, but it is too miserable
Mad dog dragon just slowly walked towards the dream. Lanjun and his party immediately felt an avalanche of pressure, and the feeling was suffocating.
Mad dog dragon eyed dream Lanjun. "You can send this paragraph or not, and you know the consequences and benefits."
Meng Lanjun mused, "Does the melon boss want us to go back the same way?"
Mad dog dragon looked at her in surprise. This woman turned out not to be a vase, but smarter than expected.
"What’s your position at Star Dream TV?" Mad dog dragon suddenly asked this.
"No.3 reporter on the front line" Meng Lanjun has to answer honestly.
"It’s a waste of time!" Mad dog dragon sighed, "But I advise you that it’s not just you people who can afford to get involved in this muddy water. Even I have to kill war reporters when it’s absolutely necessary."
Meng Lanjun said, "Thank you for your kindness."
Mad dog dragon said, "Go back to Shadow Harbor. That’s where you should stay."
After that, he turned and walked towards the forest until his figure disappeared into the depths of the jungle, and there was a follow-up trail next to him. "Sister Meng, is this really President Gu’s husband?"
Dream Lanjun sighed as if he were all relaxed. "You also saw that a person with his identity dared to kill Hongwen."
"But he seems to be very polite to you?" The minion expressed incomprehension.
Meng Lanjun said that you don’t know anything. Is that really polite to me? It means that there will be another accident in this place, and he still needs me, but now he really can’t go back to Shadow Harbor. Whether he can become famous at once depends on this gamble.
As it approached 12 o’clock in the morning, the atmosphere in the command hall of Shadow Harbor was very dignified, and two of them looked extra ugly-the sky was blazing and the sky was raging.
The news of Hongwen’s death was spread all over the bloody elite club two hours ago, and the whole guild was shaken.
"What is the loss of Hong Wen?" Skyfire asked
Hongwu replied with a facial expression, "Level 76 fell to Level 6, and many skills fell off, and some of the equipment exploded, but it was picked up by the reporter of Xingmeng Group and temporarily kept in Menglanjun."
Skyfire said, "Your brother will not die in vain."
Hongwu mused, "I’m still too proud at ordinary times. This time it’s a lesson."
His temper can say such a thing, which can be said to be the extreme of anger. Hong Wen seems to be steady but impetuous, while his brother Hong Wu is just the opposite. The surface fire is actually rough and fine
Skyfire took a deep breath. "Where is the hard cucumber now?"
Hong Jiao pointed to the map and said, "He was last seen in the southeast area at the coordinates of 223799. According to Xingmengren’s description, he is heading southwest, and he can reach Devil’s Mountain at noon at the latest, but I can’t judge his whereabouts if he doesn’t move or evacuate in this direction."
"He didn’t withdraw!" Dark Zeng Shi added, "The orphan just sent a message 15 minutes ago that there is no ship passing through the East China Sea tonight."
"He can’t come in our direction," Ma Rufei said.
This is also a reasonable analysis. It is suspected that Mad Dog Dragon dared to March into the bloody elite camp alone because he died not fast enough.
Skyfire was silent for a long time before saying, "Is this person likely to cross the whole Shadow Island?"
Hongjiao was surprised. "Is he going to Tiangong Port?"
Skyfire nodded. "He came to be the sworn enemy of the Golden Bow family. He once again said that Gu Xiaoyue really wanted to distract us."
Dark once said, "But we can’t let him develop any more. Now he’s still a thorn in his side. If it’s too late, it’ll be a disaster."
Skyfire suddenly turned to Hongwu and said, "I can give you one person. Do you have the confidence to send the hard cucumber home?"
Hong Wu said coldly, "There are too many people. Why don’t you keep it for the new century?"
Skyfire said, "The fog in the sea will dissipate in the morning the day after tomorrow, and the main force in the new century will enter the war zone without any accident. Whether you can get rid of him or not, you have to return to Shadow Harbor."
Hongwu hesitated. "To tell the truth, to deal with someone like him and go to an ordinary player is to die. If I want to return early the day after tomorrow, please give me two elite brothers. I promise that he will never dare to set foot on Shadow Island."
Skyfire stopped talking, but the expression seemed to be hesitant.
In addition to the Flying Pigeon Group, the Condor Team and the Tiger Hall, the Bloody Elite Department also has a very secret organization-the Elite Group.
The elite group is not only superior to the three institutions, but also rarely known by outsiders. Because of this force, the vice-president level boss can move the entire elite group, and the number of people is less than three figures. It is the real core fighting force of the bloody elite.
Now, as soon as two elite players are dispatched, the mad dog dragon will be destroyed smoothly, but if anything happens, it will hurt the bones.
Ma Rufei suddenly said, "We still don’t know how many main forces there are in the new century."
The meaning of this statement is very obvious. In this situation of no war, we’d better not transfer personnel casually.
Hongwu sighed. "I also know that the situation is very delicate now."
"But I said that Hongwen can’t die in vain." Skyfire suddenly turned to him and said, "Let’s draw people from Flying Pigeon, Condor and Tiger."
"Thank you, Brother Tian!" Hongwu finished this sentence and turned and walked out of the command hall.
He can’t help but thank you, and he is sincerely grateful that he can allocate such an elite fighting force to you in the current tense situation for a long time. That is indeed the end of righteousness.
Seeing that Hongwu strode away from Ma Rufei, he hesitated, "Can you do it?"
Skyfire’s expression "Hard cucumber is a dead person from now on" is to be continued.
Chapter seven hundred and ninety-five Emergency reinforcements
The night is ferocious, and the sea is raining cats and dogs.
Xiao yue command center is also nervous. All command members are looking at Zheng Xiaoxue.
"Hong Wu, the vice president of bloody elite, has personally led people to leave Shadow Harbor and go straight to the south. His goal is to have a melon." Zheng Xiaoxue is reporting the situation.
Lv Wenda quickly asked, "When did this happen?"
"Half an hour ago!" Zheng Xiaoxue replied
Ning mouth. "Who are he leading?"
Zheng Xiaoxue said, "He took away three members of the bloody elite, drawn from their flying pigeon group, condor team and Tiger Hall, adding himself to make 31 people."
Everyone’s eyes turned to Gu Xiaoyue, and Gu Xiaoyue also sighed gently. "Cucumber is finally in big trouble. Has the information been sent?"
"I have already sent Gu Jie!" Zheng Xiaoxue is awkward.
What she didn’t ask is actually what people want to ask now.
Hongwu is definitely not a mad dog dragon who can handle it alone, not to mention that even if Hongwu is alone, the mad dog dragon will be afraid.
A level 9 top player, that’s enough for the vast majority of people in mainland China to look up to. Say something impolitely. He came to deal with you, which gave you a big face and brought three bloody elite players.
"I know!" Gu Xiaoyue waved lightly.
Queen Dove gave a strange look. "Xiao Gu, you don’t seem worried?"