"Danger! ! ! ! Martins cut in! ! ! ! Hmm! ! Sen Guixing and Cannavaro both fell to the penalty area, and the referee whistled. What happened? Oh! ! ! No! ! ! Penalty! ! ! Referee Valere awarded Catania a penalty. Did Cannavaro just foul? However, it is very common to pull the restricted area in Serie A just now. Let’s take a look at the big screen playback of the stadium. Oh, my God! ! ! Misjudgment! ! ! This is definitely a misjudgment. Sen Guixing tripped over Cannavaro’s foot and brought him down. Cannavaro was explaining to referee Valere, but the referee Valere didn’t listen to his explanation. He firmly pointed to the penalty spot and gave Cannavaro a yellow card. All the other players in Naples gathered around, but there was no referee who still insisted on his penalty. I don’t know if he saw Cannavaro’s foul with his eyes. I can’t help but say the painful expression of Catania player Sen Guixing lying in the penalty area. That day, the player was really a professional. I mean not the skill but his acting skills. This year, the Silver Lion Award in Venice, Italy (the highest award in Italian film) should be awarded to him. "Morey was indignant at the commentary, but he and the Naples fans were indignant and did not stop the referee from awarding Catania a penalty.

The penalty kick was created by Mori Guixing, who personally punished Lezo for not jumping in the right direction. Mori Guixing’s penalty kick was easily scored more than 20 minutes after the half-time. Napoli players were more impatient and blind because of this misjudged penalty kick. The last 20 minutes of the half-time were in the past when Napoli players were ignorant and constantly making mistakes. If Catania hadn’t shot at the sight, Naples might have lost more goals. Finally, they returned to the locker room with a score of 1-1.
Volume II
Chapter seventy-one "St." Dominica
Fifteen minutes after the intermission, the Napoli locker room was silent, which was a bit weird. At this moment, I heard the players panting and breathing very hard, and both of them deliberately lowered their voices. The head coach Rhea had a wrinkled old face and a pair of Italian blue eyes, and scanned the faces of every Napoli player from Hamsik to gargano, from Domic to Cannavaro, and everyone he stared at bowed his head unnaturally.
"Pa" Rhea made a huge sound in the tactical board of cutting, which made everyone in the dressing room make a cold war coach to show off.
"Tell me what happened to you? Huh? What the hell is going on? A Catania can beat you like this. Although our ranking is lower than it now, our main team has recovered and there are more Domonica. Think about how we beat them 3-1 in this venue last season. I admit that this game is a game for us, and the referee is a little biased towards them today, but these are not your excuses. Good teams and good players will not be disturbed by external factors. Your half-time performance can be said that you are not mature enough, okay? Paolo (Cannavaro) look at your performance in the defence, regardless of whether the penalty was misjudged or not, but what did you do in the last twenty minutes of the half-time? Emotional! ! ! ! If they hadn’t forgotten to bring their shooting boots today, I’m afraid we would have entered the half-time by three-to-one. Marek (Hamsik) Look at your organization in midfield. Am I familiar with that calm Marek? Being young is not your excuse. You need to grow up quickly, you know? Francisco (Montevino) You are our captain! ! Is it white? You’re the boss here, the spiritual leader of everyone. You need your power to calm your little brothers down, but what did you do? Lavezzi, we Lavezzi, I admit that the lights in Sao Paulo are a little too dazzling, but I need you not to shoot the football at the ceiling to darken the stadium. I need you to shoot the ball into the damn goal, okay? How many chances did you wave at half-time? Three times? Or four times? The whole half-court performance was slightly normal, but how much Monica! !What we need is eleven Dominicans. One Dominica is far from enough. I don’t want to see this state again at half time. If anyone of you still sleepwalks like half time, I’m sorry. Can I replace him and let him go back and have a good sleep? "Coach Rhea rarely criticized him one by one, and he did have enough reasons to be annoyed.
"Well, it’s time for the intermission. I hope you can think about the tens of thousands of fans outside. If you think you are worthy of them, you can continue to play like half-time." Fifteen minutes after the intermission, Rhea roared, but this rant calmed the players down. When the Naples players looked up, they could no longer see confusion and anxiety, but they were determined and burning with fighting spirit.
"oh! ! At the end of the half-time, Napoli’s performance was terrible, but this can’t be completely blamed. The referee helped Catania a lot. I hope that the boys will wake up at half-time. If they lose this game, the gap between Naples and Catania will widen to five rounds in the quarter-finals, which is not good news for Naples. "Moro tried his best to analyze the current situation in Naples. As Moro said, whether Naples can get up or not depends on the performance of the players.
"Hamsik! ! Hamsik broke the opponent’s midfielder Biajan’s ball. He cooperated with gargano one-on-one, and went straight into the restricted area of Catania. Lavezzi crossed with him and pulled the opponent to defend Hamsik’s breakthrough! ! ! It’s over! ! Knock on the door ! ! ! ! ! Oh, Catania goalkeeper Bizarri has made a world-class save. He used to play for Real Madrid, but no, we have seen a revival of Hamsik and a revival of Naples. "This is the picture when the half-time game is going on for ten minutes. Naples team completely came out of the half-time anxiety. They launched a fierce offensive and launched round after round of attacks on Catania’s gate, which made Catania’s goal look like a widow’s door. Every Naples player wanted to touch the oil.
Baldini, head coach of Catania, found that they could still play against Napoli at half-time, and even occupied the wind at half-time, but they could be suppressed by Napoli at square half-time. He didn’t want to play against Rhea now, but wanted to scold Rhea. Damn it, did Rhea play a porn for Napoli players at halftime? Why are all these Naples players as excited as estrus bulls?
The Neapolitan made unremitting efforts and finally achieved results 20 minutes after halftime. Cannavaro broke Catania striker Sengui’s lucky ball, and a big foot went directly to the square striker Zalayeta’s height and strong body. At this time, he played his role by leaning against the defender and ferrying a header to Qinan in front of him.
"Domenica, he received a header ferry from Zalayeta! ! Like a gust of wind, he passed Vargas, who was defending him, and a "pendulum-like passer-by" came to make up for it. Telic responded that he suddenly kicked at the door.
"GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL Oh! ! At this moment, I seem to have seen the great Ronaldo at the peak. Just now, Domenica’s "pendulum-like passing" suddenly hit the door, which is Ronaldo’s specialty. Domenica and Domenica hit the victory door in Naples. There is no doubt that we will win the game because we have Domenica. He has already hit the door left unlocked. Please allow me to add the word "Saint" before his name. He is our "Saint" Domenica in Naples. He is our patron saint of Naples. "At this moment, Moro and the game.
After the goal, Qi Nan kicked his feet and hit the door at the front of the restricted area, screaming in the sky and wearing protective gear. The figure was strange like a lonely wolf in the desert. This shot was captured by a reporter from Gazzetta dello Sport and published with an article the next day. The title of Gazzetta dello Sport was particularly eye-catching and it was called "Wolf"
Napoli players, including goalkeeper Lezo, ran to Zinan for a second, and Zinan finally knew the pain of argus Tini.
Volume II
Chapter seventy-two Exquisite heel
In the sixty-fifth minute of halftime, Napoli finally got a kick from their Domnica. After they equalized the score, Naples played more calmly, which was more obvious from the strength gap between the two sides. This array of Naples is not considered as Qi Nandu and can reach the top six in Serie A.
Catania coach baldini pressed his hands forward to signal his players to attack actively, not to be suppressed by Napoli’s attack, and to fight against Naples like half-time. It can’t be said that baldini chose a wrong line at a right time. Half-time Naples was completely different from half-time Naples. He didn’t know that Catania had his chest open when he started the attack again. Half-time Naples was no longer a third-rate swordsman but a first-class killer.
Catania striker Sen Guixing is running in the frontcourt in a depressed way. Since he cheated the penalty by diving, the Naples fans are screaming at him. It is almost impossible for him to play calmly in the crowd. His psychological quality is not strong enough. The Naples people have completely cut off all his contacts in Catania midfield, so Martins is lonely. Sen Guixing is looking for support in loneliness, and finally he finds it or is lonely.
On the other hand, Napoli’s attack on Hamsik Bona gargano and captain Montevino completely overshadowed the midfielder of Catania’s midfield. It is not unreasonable
Catania finally seized an opportunity to fight back. Their defender Telic made a big foot and went directly to their Japanese striker Mori Guixi. Fortunately, he ran back half a court while looking for the ball to fall. Up to now, he had little chance to catch the ball. He didn’t want to walk in the frontcourt like this again, but Napoli central defender Cannavaro once again made him desperate. Cass grabbed the ball in front of Mori Guixi and a header headed it out. "Ri Rooney" was turned into a "Ri Halogen Pig" by Cass. Cass headed the ball and landed at the foot of Hamsik in the middle line. Hamsik caught the ball and looked at the frontcourt. A precise pick found Qinan Qinan’s ball in Hamsik, and he ran forward to Catania. Stovini, the central defender, had already stared at this abnormal performance and scored an equaliser. Domenica also chased the ball down.
By the time Hamsik’s ball reached Qinan, he actually ran a little past the defense, and Stowini also kept an eye on it. It was a close call. He hooked the ball forward with a strange heel, and at the same time, he took a big step to grab Stowini’s ball. The whole movement was done in one go, and it was beautiful and indescribable. It gave people a feeling of listening to thunder and shaking the field. The fans in Naples even forgot to applaud Dominika and looked at them dumbly.
After Stowini Zenan went on with the ball, Catania full-back Sabato lost his eye on the defensive edge, Gargano ran behind Zenan with a touch of sky blue, and everyone knew that it was Lavezzi, an Argentine fast horse. He made a false move as if to set the edge on the right, and gargano attracted Telic to guard the middle road. He also ran to the right to make up for Sabato’s defense and left it when Zinan was a hidden heel and knocked it behind him and wiped it into the restricted area.
"Lavezzi! ! ! Lavezzi, he entered the forbidden area, and no one around him defended him. Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooal scored again in Naples, overtaking the score. "At this time, Naples fans reacted and cheered like a tsunami, and thousands of people joined together, almost comparable to the tide in Naples Bay.
"More than half of the credit for this ball should be recorded in Domenica’s body. It is his magical heel that gives Lavezzi a chance to face the door. Lavezzi sometimes hands the ball from his left foot to his right foot, and then from his right foot to his left foot to smoke a bag of cigarettes, and then hits the door again. Let’s take a look at the heel before Domenica’s ball. Let’s take a look at it! ! ! For the first time, I feel that the words I can praise are so lacking. Can there be any beautiful and gorgeous words to praise this extraordinary person? Now I want to say rude words. This guy is really beautiful. "Moreau couldn’t help yelling at the commentary. No one would care about his gaffe, because now everyone in Sao Paulo stadium is crying and dancing with Lavezzi goals, which ignited all the passion in Sao Paulo stadium.
Lavezzi ran frantically in the stands, kissing the jersey and the emblem of Naples. The fans in Naples cheered wildly everywhere and clapped other players in Naples to follow Lavezzi around the stands.
This crazy celebration ended only after the referee intervened, and the game continued. Ravizi’s goal in the 75th minute made Naples overtake the score. Rhea was not as conservative as Juve Ranieri. He didn’t think it was reliable to lead by one goal. He motioned his brothers to continue to put pressure on Catania to completely defeat Catania psychologically.
Now, as soon as Qinan takes the ball, the fans in Sao Paulo Stadium will call out his name with two neat palms, "Domo —————————————— Nica". Ten thousand people will call out a person’s name in a neat voice at the same time, and the momentum is majestic enough. At this moment, Qinan is excited and must be embraced by people. It feels really good that he is completely excited now. Both Catania defenders can’t stop him.
"Domenica is our Domenica. He is now the key care object of Catania. He took the ball more than ten meters away from the restricted area. baiocco and Biya Zhan tried to break his foot ball through two people! ! Domenica sped up from two tiny people when they crossed this moving pole. It’s hard to imagine that his body is so flexible, but in front of him is the restricted area. What will he do? Let’s wipe our eyes. Now, my heart will be inexplicably excited when I see Domenica dribbling at the front of the restricted area. Let’s hold our breath and expect that Domenica will give us another scene. What kind of visual feast is in? He’s in! ! ! ! See the trembling legs of Catania goalkeeper Bizarri? He must be praying for Dominica’s sudden weakness now! ! ! ! Oh! ! Telic shoveled Dommonica and fell in the restricted area. God, look what Telic did to our Dommonica. "Moro exclaimed in the commentary that the fans in Naples gasped at the air conditioning field.
Volume II
Chapter seventy-three Victory over Catania
At the moment, the fans in Sao Paulo Stadium are angry and shouting at Napoli players, including goalkeeper Lezzo, who came running from their own half. Let’s follow the video footage to play back what happened just now. In a moment, Telic, the Catania central defender, flew over from his side and shoveled right on his support leg. This move is a malicious foul. At first glance, it is that people are rushing to the ball instead of rushing to it.
Valere, the referee, ran out and asked if Qinan was injured when he fell in the restricted area. Qinan got up and touched the shovel. His left leg didn’t feel any pain, and he wasn’t fluent in Italian. The referee answered the referee’s question and gave Telic a yellow card and a stadium in Naples. Naples fans couldn’t get a red card when they saw Telic get a yellow card.
"Oh my God! ! Telic just got a yellow card, Dominique. Our Dominique is too simple. He should learn from the other side, Mori Guixing. In this respect, Mori Guixing can be a Dominique tutor. Just now, Telic fouled him. He should have made a three-and-a-half-week turn in the middle of the game, then fell hard in the penalty area and rolled back and forth with his legs in pain in Catania. Don’t doubt that Mori Guixing would definitely do this, but look at what Morika did. He actually got up on his own. To answer the referee’s question, we Dominique is a genius in football skills, but in these respects, Dominique may not even get the primary school diploma. I’m not teaching Dominique to be bad, but I have to say that sometimes such a trick is also something a football player must understand. If he does that, Telic’s red card will definitely not escape. The referee must have seen Dominique without being injured, but maybe we are noble. Dominique disdains to do that. His noble sentiment is worth writing. One hundred lines of narrative poems to praise. Finally, I would like to say that Dominica is in great health, and there is nothing wrong with such a bad foul. I suspect that his legs are also made of titanium alloy, and he wears protective gear, which reminds me of Iron Man. "Moreau praised him in the commentary.
I didn’t feel anything wrong when I was shoveled to my feet by Telic. I had been practicing thunderbolt leg technique for several years in the Southern Song Dynasty, and now it has finally played a thunderbolt leg technique. In addition to improving leg strength and flexibility, it can also improve the leg’s ability to fight. Just now, Telic’s impact was still able to withstand it.
Napoli players came over to either ask Qinan or see if he was fouled. When his left leg saw that Qinan really had nothing to do, he scattered back to his position.
Coach Rhea’s heart almost stopped beating when he saw Qinan being shoveled by Telic. Domonica is his baby now! ! Seeing Qi Na get up by himself, there was nothing wrong. At that moment, he finally let him complain to the referee about not giving Telic a red card. Seeing that he rushed into the field to question the referee, the fourth official next to him quickly came to stop him.
The game went on. Domic made another penalty after three home games, which was created by Zinan. Napoli was 3-1 ahead. At this time, it was seven minutes since the end of the game. In order to protect Dominica’s mind, the old striker Sosa changed to score one goal and assist two goals. Dominica let him be cheered by the fans alone.
Qinan raised his hand to Sao Paulo fans as he walked along the field, indicating that Napoli fans would give the warmest hand to welcome their hero Domnica.
By this time of the game, there is no suspense. Catania has collapsed. Telic’s foul on the south has aroused the Napoli players to attack more violently and beat Reservoir Dogs with great pain. In the 91st minute of the game, Naples went from Zalayeta to another city, and the final score was fixed at 4-1.
At the press conference after the game, Neapolitan coach Rhea was not happy because he won the ball and walked out of the relegation zone. At the press conference, he lost his temper and rushed to the crown. Qi Nan severely condemned the malicious foul Catania defender Telic. At that moment, he was not like a coach, but more like an old cow.
After the game, Qinan didn’t go straight out of the secret passage and go back to school like the last game. He stayed with his Naples teammates to celebrate winning the key game. There was no camera, no camera and no reporter in the locker room. Qinan didn’t wear the protective gear that covered his face anymore. When his handsome face appeared in front of everyone, his Naples teammates were surprised by his handsome appearance.
Bao Wang w w w b a o s h u 7 o m
"Domenica, I still think you must be wearing that kind of protective gear because you are too ugly or have a facial injury. Who knows that you are longer and more handsome than me? The key is that the ball is also better than me. It’s so unreasonable. What emperor gave you all his love? I want to make a phone call and complain to Di. "This is the Slovak Hamsik, the core of Napoli midfield. He is excellent in football but not handsome in long talk. He has a thin and long face and a mohicans head. He is the youngest except Qinan team. He is only 21 years old this year.
All the teammates laughed together. Actually, Qi Na didn’t listen to Taibai because Hamsik spoke too fast. Rao, it’s still a little hard for Qi Na to learn Italian day and night these days. Qi Na might as well laugh with everyone.
Team captain Montevino walked up to Qinan and held out his big hand. "Welcome to the boys’ game. You left without saying this to me. You can make up for it today." Qinan held out his hand and held it tightly with the captain’s hand. Montevino is 30 years old and has played for Naples for six years. When Naples was in the second division, he didn’t abandon Naples and went to another Serie A team. He devoted the best time of his career to Naples. His qualification was that Naples was the captain of shame.
Other teammates also came forward to introduce themselves. Qi Nan shook hands with them while listening carefully to their words. There is no doubt that Qi Nan has won their respect for two amazing performances. Qi Nan also tried to introduce himself in Italian, although he is still not fluent.
Hearing Qinan introduce him from China, his teammates all showed incredible expressions. "Domenica, I’ll call you Italian name Domenica. Hello, China’s name is too difficult. Are you really from China? Please forgive me for what I know about football in China. My only memory of China seems to be that you lost to Brazil in the World Cup 4-0 in 2002. It seems that you were eliminated without scoring a goal. It is said that Napoli defender Cannavaro Jr., an Italian defender, has a handsome face like his world-famous brother.
Qi Na smiled shyly. In fact, he had no idea about the history of the China team. Seven years ago, he was practicing cuju in Lin ‘an.