Oriental Yun Qi shook his head desperately in confusion. "I don’t want to, I really don’t want to, but I really don’t have any way to adapt to ancient life, and all I have learned is that she didn’t say it, but I know that she knows that we are fellow villagers, that she is smarter than me, and that she still has you. Since I can’t shine in this ancient place, I want to go back to the place where I came. At this time, I met the Buddhist, who saw through my identity at a glance and promised me to help him do this thing, which will make my soul leave here and return to my native land.

Oriental Yun Qi burst into tears, but while crying, she desperately said, "The girl with late children will disappear. I doubt that she has returned to our hometown. Please leave me alive. I will try to find a way to find the girl with late children."
The more she thought about it, the more she felt right. She suddenly looked up and cried, "Emperor, believe me, I will definitely find a way. After all, I am the most familiar girl in this ancient time, and I am the only one who knows where she went."
"What ancient? What soul? Hum, are you and I three years old? Somebody give me a hard call until she tells the truth "emperor phoenix night cold tunnel.
So there was an imperial secretary to drag the Oriental Yun Qi to the board.
The plate and the flesh are in contact with each other, and the Oriental Yun Qi screams to the emperor, and the violent light flashes in his eyes at night, which passes by.
He knows that Yuer doesn’t like his cruel rule. What if Yuer comes back alive and knows that he has done such a thing and ignores him?
Emperor Feng night clenched his fist and suddenly sat back in position to meditate.
"When she arrived in ancient times, does it mean that we are ancient and they are from the future-people?"
See the emperor phoenix night suddenly looked up at his strategist hesitated and then said, "In fact, the veteran has long been in doubt. The young girl was originally a little girl in Shangfu, and she was rejected by Shang adults and raised by her mother since she was a child. Where is more, there are no powerful people who would like to live permanently? But the young girl is not only brilliant, but also has the * * easy technique and medical skill. Even the top famous doctors in China can’t compete with the veteran. I’m afraid this kind of medical skill is very common in the young girl’s home, because the veteran found that the Yun Qi girl in the East also has these strange places beyond us
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 717 Come back quickly
Emperor Feng meditated at night, and after a long time he frowned. "She said that she and Yuer both came from-thousands of years later-"
Are you really ―― unwilling to come back later?
Did I-did I wait for you after all?
Just then, Mo excitedly ran into the room. "Temple, we found the girl who is late. She is still alive! !”
Emperor phoenix night smell speech excitedly got up from the throne, and the joy of fundus made him angry and instantly swept away, and even the sound was excited. "Where is she? I’m going to see her immediately!" !”
Ink smell speech some guiltily sighed "this-the emperor late son girl has been sent to your bedroom, you will know"
Emperor Feng’s heart sank at night and he was too lazy to ask about the specific situation of Mo. He rushed towards the bedroom and rushed behind a pair of ladies-in-waiting and eunuchs. How can he catch up with him?
"Late son! !”
Emperor Feng night suddenly pulled the golden bead curtain and saw Liu Xi lying quietly in bed like a sleeping beauty, but he reacted to his words
Emperor phoenix night felt a sharp pain in his heart and suddenly one mouthful blood gushed out.
"The emperor! !”
"Take care of yourself, Emperor. The girl is not dead."
"Huang, what’s wrong with you? Let cure too much for you first." The strategist also remembers no.
Emperor Feng night refused to let people go thousands of miles away, and raised his hand to stop the noisy crowd beside him.
Step by step, he walked gently to Liu Xiyu’s bedside and quietly looked down at Liu Xiyu’s judo. "Don’t frighten me to open my eyes at night."
But the answer is that the room is full of silence and Liu Xi sleeps quietly at night
Emperor phoenix night eyes narrowed angrily and suddenly looked back "Liu Yong! !”
Liu Yong, the records of Tai Hospital, hastily stepped out of the ranks as "Emperor-"
"Is it late?" Although Emperor Phoenix Night called Liu Yong out, his eyes never left Liu Sunseeker’s beautiful face for a moment.
Liu Yong full head big sweat tunnel "I checked the late son girl’s body and there is nothing serious. The little emperor is also good in his stomach, but he doesn’t know if she can wake up."
Emperor Feng night smell speech was silent for a while and then waved "all of you back"
The strategist thought for a moment, "You miss the girl late in the morning for so many days, so please spend some time with her. I will make sure that the court is safe these days."
Emperor Feng night smell speech corners of the mouth hook a "please strategist".
If it is not late, what are the rivers and mountains in Wan Li? Why don’t you let her be destroyed?
When I saw Liu Xixi lying in bed late and angry, all kinds of darkness surged in the heart of Emperor Feng at night.
All his bad factors will ferment and precipitate little by little, and sooner or later they will brew into a disaster.
His limit is probably Liu Xi’s late life.
Finger a little attachment to caress Liu Sunseeker night eyebrow eye "late son really as the Oriental Yun Qi said, are you really completely disappointed with me and go back to the modern? Do you really believe that I will have children with that kind of woman? You idiot! !”
Emperor Phoenix Night suddenly put Liu Sunseeker in his arms quietly, eager to be together with her and never be separated from each other again. Maybe then she can take him away with her when she leaves.
"Without you, I didn’t want to stay late. If I don’t come back for half a year, I will ruin everything you care about. Your parents, brothers and-I will accompany you when Xuanyuan is awe-inspiring. I will definitely find you."
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 71 Not a dog
Liu Sunseeker looked at those fantasies at night and felt horribly real. She couldn’t help holding out her hand blankly and exclaimed, "Don’t, Emperor! !”
"What’s wrong with you?" My arm hurts. Liu Xixi suddenly looked at himself with a bad face at night. Liu Xixi looked down at his arm and said, "Can you let go of your soldier hand? I’m not your training equipment."
Ye Lin was amazed to find that he had made such great efforts. "I’m sorry, are you okay?"
He was busy lifting Liu Sunseeker’s sleeve, so he saw that the white wrist was black with his finger prints.
He rubbed it lovingly and said, "Don’t move. I’ll look for some medicine for the traumatic injury."
Liu Xi said in the evening, "Do you have any medicine with you?"
Night winds laughed and saw Liu Sunseeker worry about "Don’t worry, I have long since forgotten to take it away."
Liu Xi yelled at night, "Really, I don’t want to wipe it. It’s not a national holiday, is it?"
"It’s a statement from an out-of-the-world expert that I don’t have an expiration date. Haven’t you ever heard that a good medicine doesn’t expire?" At night, I caught the screaming Liu Xixi and wiped it up at night.
"I’m going to you. Is this rubbing medicine for me or scraping me alive? Easy! "Liu Sunseeker took a bad hand at night.
Night winds laughed and put light in his hand.
Liu Xi felt a cool pain at night, and there was a kind of mint fragrance.