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When he look at that camera

Found Lazio players celebrating! And the commentator is shouting "lore! ! Kill! ! Lazio killed Reggina! " Mancini brain some have no reaction to come over. He looked straight at the players celebrating Lazio on the screen. The live broadcast…


"Drink three cups, such as" Zhang Hao pressed.

"Drink three cups! Go underground!" Chen Yi had a wry smile. "Amount" In Zhang Hao, he said that it is more secure to drink with the last one. Chen Yi smiled without a word and quietly waited for the last…


"It’s good that people are so beautiful and afraid to rob the color, dear. You must protect people. Well ~ ~ ~" Xia Shuqing’s little hand is tearing Mo Xiaoyan’s skirts disgusting and tricky.

Mo Xiaoyan directly pulled the skirts back and pointed to the table with a straight face and said, "Eat quickly." "Well," Xia Shuqing wronged Baba to eat. Of course, this is pretending. But at the door, I was thinking that…


Xiao Wen went to Nan Yunqing in accordance with the words, but she didn’t move outside until Xiao Wen stopped in the center, and she raised her hand again.

I didn’t do anything special, but naturally raised my hands horizontally, and there was a dark red light shining from her body, and then I flew past toward the ten beams of light. At that moment, Xiao Wen turned out…


A moment later, the smoke dispersed in the distance. Dream Lanjun and others were cold-footed. When Hongwen was lying in a large smoky scorched earth, he finally lost his words and retreated again because his head was like a watermelon crushed by a car wheel and turned into a pool of plasma.

"Too much nonsense!" The mad dog dragon snorted and then shook his hand. The pistol "clicked, clicked" and suddenly rang and deformed. When a wristband was brought back to his hand, he could not see that it was a terrible…


However, it is quite amazing because of the strength of people.

"Listen to this, guys. You can imagine that the stands at the Bernabeu Stadium are already packed outside! Everyone is like taking drugs. They hate us and want us to die quickly. In addition, it is said that today’s game…


Yaoguangxing himself knows that it’s not easy to keep the main position, and he doesn’t dare to be careless all the time. He works hard when training, and his strength has been rising. It’s not easy for Yuhengxing and Yangxing to beat him.

I club people trained for a while, and Ye Qing felt a little sore in his neck, so he took off his headphones and twisted his neck a few times. He was just about to walk outside the training room…


Dong Fangshuo looked at what she seemed to find and asked, "But what did she find?"

Mo Xiaobei looked at the pool thoughtfully and replied, "Martial Uncle, there seems to be something near the stone wall at the bottom of the pool." Dong Fangshuo looked intently and sure enough, there seems to be a trace of…


Actually, Sun Nianpeng’s judgment is wrong. Club I has been debuting for a long time, but none of them have made a name for themselves, and they are often eliminated in the first round. Therefore, if Han Gonggen has no chance to play against this team, he will naturally have no impression.

Now this I club is not the original team, but a new start after reorganization can be regarded as a re-debut. For a long time, it has been quietly heard that this team has no fame in the professional circle….